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Finding Shelter

On any given night, there are 3,000 homeless men, women and children roaming the streets of Maricopa County, searching for a place to spend the night. For one night, I was among 30 women who found refuge in a temporary shelter.

Bar Scene: (Un)Happy Hour
Deanna Dent
My heart races as I make my way down Mill Avenue to the Library Bar and Grill. I come upon the neon Library sign and stare with uncertainty.

On Stage: Acting Out
Just in time for the Arizona State Fair, a small-scale carnival appeared in front of the Memorial Union on Oct. 11. But though it was complete with clowns and classical carnival music, this "New American University Carnival Extravaganza" was not what the average fairgoer would expect.

Science: You Are Getting Sleepy
Hypnotherapist Irene Conlan operates out of her Scottsdale condominium, and while her office has plenty of family pictures, there's a conspicuous absence of scary spirals and ticking timepieces.

Conlan laughs when asked about mind control.

"People will not do anything in hypnosis that they won't do out of it," she says.

Local Limelight: Q&A with The Cover Up

Photo by Tim Harmon for The Cover Up The Cover Up has been together more than two years, touring the West Coast for the first time earlier this year. Members include vocalist Joe Cotela, drummer Matt Reinhard, guitarists Steve Siminski and Marc Hernandez (aka "Spank"), and bassist Justyn Sena. They took time out of practice to chat with SPM last week about run-ins with police, part-time jobs and body image.

At Work: Construction Strike
In most industries, the government requires fair and safe working environments for employees. But for undocumented workers of Great Western Erectors, one of the companies constructing ASU's McAllister Village residence halls, a positive working environment is not assured.

Great Western employees complain of harassment, a hostile work environment, low pay, no overtime and a lack of water provided during the workday.

Top 5: Party ideas that could rule...
1. Themed Costumes: As long as the theme stays as far away from "Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses" as possible, costumes are kind of entertaining.

Fashion: Hot or Not
Tzu Okoroh, a family studies junior, is not impressed by girls who let their asses hang out.

"Generally, I like girls who are not that obvious in trying to display their body; girls are beautiful creatures anyway," he says.

Gadget Corner: Online Hookup
Profile Web sites, such as and, give people a whole new way to communicate and make friends. While these sites help popularize online profiles, is taking it one step further.

Unlike the other sites, XuQa lets you do more than just add friends. If you come across a person who you would like to get to know, you can send them a kiss, tickle or make them your secret crush.

Culture Shock: Party for the Dead
Dia de los Muertos means "Day of the Dead," but the traditional Mexican holiday is anything but grim. It dates back to the Aztecs, who's late summer version of the festival was presided over by the Mictecacihual, or "Lady of the Dead."

After the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the holiday was moved closer to Halloween. An exhibit is opening on campus next week to help celebrate this year.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Comparisons of U-God's second album to the work of the Wu Tang Clan are impossible to avoid. Mr. Xcitement contains the same sense of swagger and high amounts of boasting, especially in songs like "You Don't Wanna Dance."

Team Sleep's debut album creates an atmospheric texture with many layers while still sounding organic. Despite featuring Chino Moreno of the Deftones on vocals, the band sounds nothing like Moreno's other band. Guitarist Tom Wilkinson's deceptively simple guitar and DJ Crook's complex beats provide a good backdrop for Moreno to explore new influences, like his love for The Smiths and Sade.

Calendar: What's Happening
It's been ages since Claire Danes starred in a major flick. She's gone indie, lately, and while typically we love independent films, it's about time that we can pop into AMC or Harkins to see her.

As a general rule, any band from Seattle is going to be rad. The city has a special music scene with great labels, venues and clearly some kind of magic.

After years of student complaints, ASU is finally getting a film program. In honor of ASU having the first film and media production program in America to make ethics an integral component of the program the 2005 E2 Ethics in Entertainment Conference and Film Festival is being held in Tempe on Thursday, Oct.

Scene Points: New Music Panic!
I've recently fallen in love with a new band -- Panic! At the Disco. The members of the Las Vegas band are barely legal and create intoxicating punk-dance-rock (also known as pop music for hipsters) -- think the Killers meets Motion City Soundtrack.

But most of you won't get the chance to experience this Vegas band's '80s dance party for another year or so when the band is huge. And that's sad.

From the Edge: Editorial
When a homeless person says "hello," we assume they are asking for a handout and pretend not to hear. But what would happen if you said hello back? What would happen if you engaged that person in conversation, assuming you felt safe enough to do so?

As Kristi Eaton learned in this week's cover story ("Finding Shelter" page 8) you'll hear some wild stories and probably discover something about yourself, too.

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