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Tribes celebrate culture

Jeremiah Armenta / THE STATE PRESS
Apache Crown Dancers perform Tuesday on Hayden Lawn during American Indian Day.
The American Indian Council -- the umbrella for all American Indian organizations at ASU -- celebrated American Indian Day with performances on Hayden Lawn from Akimel O'odham Basket Dancers and the White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers.

"[The event was set up to] show people, natives and non-natives, the native culture on campus," said Gya Watson, the event's master of ceremonies. It's important to showcase the native culture at the University, even though American Indians make up 2.3 percent of ASU's Tempe campus, said Hope Seweyestewa, a nursing sophomore who also won Miss Indian ASU -- a pageant set up to promote the ideals of American Indians.

City seeks student renter input

The search is under way for a student renter to serve on Tempe's ad hoc rental housing task force.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman added the seat after the first task force meeting Sept. 27. Tempe has received eight applications for the position since the city clerk's office began accepting them Oct. 6.

Hallman said he was looking for someone who is a student and rents a single-family residence in Tempe.

ASU offers online classes to victims of Hurricane Katrina

Race and Ethnicity inFilm, Linux Essentials, the Vietnam War and Intro to Christianity are just a handful of the new online classes ASU is offering free to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Patricia Feldman, interim executive director for the school of extended education, said the endeavor was started by a division of the Sloan Foundation, a national organization that has become a clearinghouse for assisting students who were displaced by the hurricane.

Men's tennis: Devils hope to elevate game

Malibu, Calif., is usually a vacation destination where travelers can relax on the beach and enjoy some sun.

But when the ASU men's tennis team heads there this week, it will be anything but a vacation.

Water ski: Club toes winning line

The ASU Water Ski Club was born to succeed.

Local Limelight: Interview with Reindeer/Tiger Team

Photo courtesy of Reindeer/Tiger Team
Reindeer/Tiger Team plays music with a child-like innocence that still captivates the listener. Catch them this weekend at Trunk Space with Portland band We Quit.
Mr. Rogers inspired a generation of America's youth to get along with each other, respect their elders and eat three full meals a day. But he did more than just that -- he gave Eddy Crichton, a psychology senior, a name for his new band.

"The one time I watched television, it was Mr. Rogers," says Crichton, 22, who plays drums and sometimes guitar in the band. "There were a lot of friends who started a soccer league, but they got too competitive and weren't friends anymore." Mr. Rogers suggested the two groups form a Reindeer/Tiger Team, and inspiration for a band name was born.

Fashion: Fashion Week

My self-confidence is based on my clothing. My outfits are typically matched and styled for every occasion. I often feel the need to change my clothes a couple of times per day, because after a couple of hours I grow tired of my outfit. It's a sickness, honestly.

Local Apparel: By Design

One night while propping up the bar at Casey Moore's long time friends Matt Krise and Chuck D. started designing T-shirts on napkins. Twelve months later the pair are the proud proprietors of Spraygraphic Apparel.
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