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Gadget Corner: Blitz: The League

Control your favorite NFL stars off the field

 by Gabriel Trujillo
 published on Thursday, October 13, 2005


Ever wonder what the life of a NFL superstar is like? Well, your chance to live the extravagant lifestyle of these incredible athletes is here with Midway's new "Blitz: The League" video game.

In campaign mode, you are put in charge of a team who is a perennial loser. You are responsible for bringing them from a losing lifestyle to the life of a champion while keeping your players away from steroids, point-shaving scandals and hookers.

When you're not playing the actual games, you have to steer your team through controversies of drug-enhanced athletes, gambling and sex. Since the Madden franchise has the official license to use NFL teams and player names, "Blitz: The League" uses fictional names.

While Madden lets you experience the authenticity of the NFL, "Blitz" allows you live the not-so-glamorous side of professional football. The game will hit store shelves on Monday for Xbox and Playstation 2.

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