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Top 5: Campus Shortcuts

 published on Thursday, October 13, 2005


1. The breezeway that runs along the west side of the Engineering Center building:

This is a great way to avoid bumping into bikers, skaters and groups of people on Palm Walk, not to mention avoid the heat. Plus, there's a vending machine at either end. This is also the best way to avoid seeing your picture on

2. The hallways of the Batemen Physical Science Center building:

Drudging all the way to Lot 59 is gruesome. The PSA building covers a good, air-conditioned distance to make the journey less difficult. It runs both north and south along Palm Walk, as well as east and west along University Drive.

3. The Social Sciences Building:

This legendary sinking building proves a cool sanctuary with a fountain, benches, vending machines and openings at Cady and Hayden Malls.

4. The Life Sciences C wing through to the main Life Sciences Building:

This is the coolest way to get all the way from Cady Mall to Palm Walk. Plus, in the Life Sciences Building you can check out real snakes on display.

5. The guaranteed shortest trip around campus comes with befriending a golf cart-driving student:

Just ask Juan Gomez, a psychology senior, who drives his classroom support golf cart around from 3 to 10 p.m. He says, "I am totally willing to give people rides if they ask. Usually nobody ever asks though."

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