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Local Limelight: Interview with Reindeer/Tiger Team

 by Benjamin Horowitz
 published on Thursday, October 13, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of Reindeer/Tiger Team</em><br>Reindeer/Tiger Team plays music with a child-like innocence that still captivates the listener. Catch them this weekend at Trunk Space with Portland band We Quit./issues/arts/694357
Photo courtesy of Reindeer/Tiger Team
Reindeer/Tiger Team plays music with a child-like innocence that still captivates the listener. Catch them this weekend at Trunk Space with Portland band We Quit.


Mr. Rogers inspired a generation of America's youth to get along with each other, respect their elders and eat three full meals a day. But he did more than just that -- he gave Eddy Crichton, a psychology senior, a name for his new band.

"The one time I watched television, it was Mr. Rogers," says Crichton, 22, who plays drums and sometimes guitar in the band. "There were a lot of friends who started a soccer league, but they got too competitive and weren't friends anymore." Mr. Rogers suggested the two groups form a Reindeer/Tiger Team, and inspiration for a band name was born.

Two years after the band formed the Team is going strong. Formed by Crichton and Steven Reker, 23, a dance senior who sings and plays guitar, the band has toured the West Coast and released a self-titled EP. After friend Greg Campanile joined the group, the Team is now more ready than ever to go.

Crichton says, Reindeer/Tiger Team plays its music simply because "it never occurred to us not to."

SPM: All three of you are students. Is it hard to handle the tension between being in school and also finding time to be a musician?

Crichton: The reason I'm in school is because I don't really know what else to do right now. All I really want to do is play music, but I don't have the guts to drop out and do that. That's pretty much the reason I moved back here after going to school in Portland -- I didn't have anyone to play music with there.

Campanile: You could've done a drum show.

SPM: Reindeer/Tiger Team is typically listed as an indie rock band. What does that even mean?

Crichton: For me, indie rock is confined by noodley guitars and showoffy drums. My mom's seen us, and she actually likes us. My dad thinks we're troubadours.

Reker: He thinks we play ballads.

Crichton: We're the balladeers!

SPM: At your last show, you were spotted wearing cut-off jean shorts. SPM ran an article the week before about fashion, which included an ASU heartthrob wearing cut-offs. Any connection?

Campanile: I don't personally have any cut-offs.

Crichton: We used to have a band uniform, but then we got rid of them. We wore blue jeans, a butterfly belt, and a shirt that said "Reindeer" and "Tiger."

SPM: If one of you was Reindeer and one of you was Tiger, how would the roles be assigned?

Reker: Yeah, maybe they match our musical temperaments.

Crichton: Reker's really stoic and majestic. One time Reker was looking at a horse in a magazine and he was just blown away by how majestic it was.

Campanile: You're more like a tiger because you're fierce on the drums.

Crichton: I do have certain tiger-like qualities.

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