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Calendar: Local film and music events

 published on Thursday, October 13, 2005



Movie - Film

Tuesday, Oct. 18
Renting movies is a safe way to experiment with independent films. Some of them are too cerebral to be fun, while others get you thinking and are artistic (think "Waking Life"). No one likes dropping $10 to be confused. That's why when "dot the i" hits Valley video stores on Tuesday, Oct. 18, you should rent it. Three bucks, people. Plus, the British erotic thriller sounds pretty sweet. Here's the skinny: A flamenco dancer is engaged, but right before her wedding she meets a Brazilian actor (Gael Garcia Bernal). They hook up and then the two try to cover up their steamy affair. The flick premiered at Sundance in 2003.


Friday, Oct. 14
A long week of midterms, foreign language oral exams and a general lack of sleep has us itching for a night to let loose, and here at SPM we like to do it "Footloose" style -- with a night of uninhibited dancing. Of course our dance party wouldn't be complete without a sexy, ultra-hip band, which is why this Friday, Oct. 14, we'll be at the Big Fish Pub, 1954 E. University Drive, watching the electro-dance duo Death From Above 1979. With several Jack and Cokes in our system, SPM will dance the night away, and you are invited. What's a dance party without friends? Lame, that's what. The shindig kicks off at 8 p.m. Bring your ID if you want to down alcoholic drinks. $12 gets you in the door. Check out for more info.

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