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Wishful Thinking
On the cover
John Tyler watches people walk by him as he sits near the fireplace inside the Memorial Union. He scrounges through his backpack, looking for his Japanese notes so he can study.

His thin body is engulfed by the chair as he searches through his textbook. Tyler takes off his sweat-stained ASU hat and reveals his jet-black hair as he scratches his head. The Japanese class is just one of the classes he is taking to complete a degree in English literature.

Fashion: Fashion Week
Mani O'Brien didn't know what she was getting into when she jokingly said she wanted to wear the same outfit for a week and write about it. Even though we forced her to go through with it, she still managed to keep smiling. My self-confidence is based on my clothing. My outfits are typically matched and styled for every occasion. I often feel the need to change my clothes a couple of times per day, because after a couple of hours I grow tired of my outfit. It's a sickness, honestly.

Local Apparel: By Design
The founders of Spraygraphic Apparel  design clothing with a political message that people could discern for themselves. One night while propping up the bar at Casey Moore's long time friends Matt Krise and Chuck D. started designing T-shirts on napkins. Twelve months later the pair are the proud proprietors of Spraygraphic Apparel.

Culture Shock: Clever Clubs
Acronyms are a helpful way to remember anything from terms for an exam to items on your grocery list. Here are three clubs on campus that have acronyms for names. Maybe they'll help you remember to get involved.

SERVE -- (Students Educating about Rape and Violence Everywhere). SERVE works with Homesafe, the Student Violence Prevention and Advocacy Center in the Student Health Center, to provide education about sexual and relationship violence against men and women.

Top 5: Campus Shortcuts
1. The breezeway that runs along the west side of the Engineering Center building:

This is a great way to avoid bumping into bikers, skaters and groups of people on Palm Walk, not to mention avoid the heat. Plus, there's a vending machine at either end. This is also the best way to avoid seeing your picture on

Local Limelight: Interview with Reindeer/Tiger Team

Photo courtesy of Reindeer/Tiger TeamReindeer/Tiger Team plays music with a child-like innocence that still captivates the listener. Catch them this weekend at Trunk Space with Portland band We Quit. Mr. Rogers inspired a generation of America's youth to get along with each other, respect their elders and eat three full meals a day. But he did more than just that -- he gave Eddy Crichton, a psychology senior, a name for his new band.

"The one time I watched television, it was Mr. Rogers," says Crichton, 22, who plays drums and sometimes guitar in the band. "There were a lot of friends who started a soccer league, but they got too competitive and weren't friends anymore." Mr. Rogers suggested the two groups form a Reindeer/Tiger Team, and inspiration for a band name was born.

Gadget Corner: Blitz: The League
Ever wonder what the life of a NFL superstar is like? Well, your chance to live the extravagant lifestyle of these incredible athletes is here with Midway's new "Blitz: The League" video game.

In campaign mode, you are put in charge of a team who is a perennial loser. You are responsible for bringing them from a losing lifestyle to the life of a champion while keeping your players away from steroids, point-shaving scandals and hookers.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews

Walking the line between a gimmick and an alienating inside joke results in an bad aftertaste from Dangerdoom.

This is the story of a little girl who REALLY wanted to like The (International) Noise Conspiracy. She bought two of their CDs and even attended a show just to see if they were more captivating live.

The New Black: Do's and Do Not's
Do go out on a limb and wear a dress to school.
The dresses in your closet don't have to be saved for a fancy dinner party.

Don't bust out your boots yet. While the rest of the country is slowly easing into fall weather and fashion, here in sunny Arizona we've got at least three more weeks of poolside-worthy heat.

Calendar: Local film and music events
Renting movies is a safe way to experiment with independent films. Some of them are too cerebral to be fun, while others get you thinking and are artistic (think "Waking Life"). No one likes dropping $10 to be confused.

A long week of midterms, foreign language oral exams and a general lack of sleep has us itching for a night to let loose, and here at SPM we like to do it "Footloose" style --

Scene Points: Pretty Screams
The Dillinger Escape Plan sounds pretty. The math metal masters out of New Jersey are praised constantly for their intricate guitar work and complex rhythm section, but rarely do I run across someone saying, "I love that guy's vocals."

Well, I do. I think Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato's vocals are pretty.

Editorial: From the Edge
It's been a rough week here in SPM land. I have three scary midterms this week, made scarier by the fact that I'm always editing, never studying. Stories were late, if they were turned in at all. My personal life continues to frustrate me infinitely. And I haven't slept more than four hours a night since the semester started.

RC Helicopters

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