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Interview: Q&A with Dear and the Headlights

 by Mindy Lee  published on Thursday, October 6, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of Dear and the Headlights</em><br> 
The members of Dear and the Headlights describe themselves as
Photo courtesy of Dear and the Headlights
The members of Dear and the Headlights describe themselves as "glam, down-tempo metal" on their Myspace page, but we're pretty sure they sound like Bright Eyes. Either way, they get the SPM thumbs up for making a long-distance relationship work.


Long-distance relationships aren't exclusively for romance. Just ask the members of local band Dear and the Headlights, who've played together for more than six months with lead singer Ian Metzger living in California. How do they do it?

"It's like a five-way marriage," says drummer Mark Kulvinskas.

"But a good marriage," adds member Joel Marquard, who plays guitar and keys and provides vocals. The five-piece band, which also includes PJ Waxman (vocals, guitar, keys) and Chuckie Duff (bass, keys), has garnered quite a following in its short but promising career. SPM caught up with Duff, Marquard and Kulvinskas to get a feel for the up-and-comers.

SPM: Your music been compared to...

Duff: I've heard The Beatles, which is flattering and weird all at the same time. I've also heard a Radiohead comparison or two.

Marquard: Bright Eyes...that's what people have said to me.

Kulvinskas: The Cure, definitely because of Ian's voice.

SPM: What's your favorite part about being in a band? And you cannot say the following: free stuff, groupies or instant increase in the coolness factor.

Kulvinskas: Creating something out of nothing. It's a blank canvas. You're sitting in a room with other creative people and you walk out with something that everyone's stoked about.

Duff: Being on a team. I never played sports in school so this is kind of like that. There's a bond, a brotherhood.

SPM: If you could be any object, what would you be?

Kulvinskas: A Fender Rhodes because it's timeless and ages with grace.

Duff and Marquard: Oooh, good answer! We like that one, too.

Duff: I'd also like to be a car. Something about being in my car and just driving around really makes me feel at peace.

SPM: Would you ever go on a music-talent competition TV show like American Idol or INXS, if they had one for bands?

Kulvinskas: I think those shows make you do what the audience wants, not what you want. There's a conflict of interest.

Duff: There's no way to do a show like that and maintain creative identity. I know groups like U2 and the Smiths went commercial and did it their way, but it's tough. I don't think we'd do it because there's too much filtering. But I'd like to go on "So You Think You Can Dance?"

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