Top 5: Worst Haircuts

 published on Thursday, October 6, 2005

The Pimp

1. The Mullet: The "business in the front, party in the back" style is only acceptable on two occasions: Halloween and at a white-trash party (and you better rock some acid-wash jeans, too).

2. The Buzzcut: Unless you are forsaking style for our country, this unimaginative and unflattering cut is a no-go.

3. The Zebra: Highlights are meant to be subtle. When you have dark brown hair, bleach-blond streaks make you look like a zebra. ASU is not a safari.

4. The Comb-over:
Quit living in denial. We know you are losing your hair. You've got a sexy bald thing going on under that mess show it off.

5. The Texas beauty queen:
It is no longer 1987. Most of you were under age 5 then. Teasing your hair and using a whole can of hairspray is so bad is makes SPM editors shudder. Natural is a good thing. Quit killing our ozone with your damn hairspray.

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