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Techy: Digital World

Find the best point-and-shoot camera for you

 by Deanna Dent
 published on Thursday, October 6, 2005

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The idea of owning a digital camera is tempting, but they can get expensive. The reality is that digital cameras are convenient and easily pay for themselves, but unless you're a photographer you don't need a super-fancy one.

Here are some helpful hints for buying your first point-and-shoot digital - after all, we want you to have the highest quality photo:

*For good 4x6 prints, you can go as low as three or four megapixels (anything higher will raise the price).

*Make sure your camera comes with a memory card (516 MB is usually a good size and costs around $50).

*Find a kit that includes a card reader so you can transfer your photos to your computer and software that lets you edit the photos.

*Do some research on the Web site, which gives great camera reviews.

These simple guidelines that will help you find the right digital camera. In my opinion, the best price and quality is the Kodak EasyShare CX7430, which costs between $119 and $190.

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