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Calendar: What's Happening

 published on Thursday, October 6, 2005


Friday, Oct. 7
"Waiting" confirms every picky-eater's worst fear - no matter how nice you are to the wait staff when you send back food it will be spit on, dropped on the floor and all around added to in disgusting ways. Opening Friday, Oct. 7, the flick, featuring the ultra awesome Dane Cook, is about exactly what it's like to work in the food-service industry. Expect scenes with managers encouraging the cooks to get excited about their jobs, and snooty customers getting served a little crow. The point? Everyone has had to work a job they hate, now it's time to laugh about it. See

Tuesday, Oct. 11
You may be wearing the logo for H.I.M. and not even know it. It's true. The band's heartagram was designed by frontman Ville Valo as the merger of good (a heart) and evil (a pentagram), and it looks effing sweet. Bam Margera, "Jackass" and skateboarder, loves this band and he also thinks the heartagram is effing sweet. His solution? Promote the hell out of it. He slapped H.I.M.'s logo on his skateboards, his clothes and even his front door (watch for it on "Viva la Bam"). The downside is that H.I.M. and the heartagram aren't getting associated. Find out with the heartagram is all about and just why Bam loves H.I.M. so much on Tuesday, Oct. 11, when the quintet plays the Marquee Theatre, 730 N. Mill Ave. See

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