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Beating the System

Lupe Tovar, now 23, moved out five years ago and set off to make a life for herself. Fresh out of high school, the psychology major found an apartment near ASU and started classes at Scottsdale Community College to get her prerequisites out of the way.

She eventually transferred to ASU, joining multicultural clubs and working at the dean's office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Funny Man

Photo courtesy of Colin Quinn/State Press Magazine
We loved Colin Quinn's Colin Quinn, probably best known for his work on "Saturday Night Live" in the late 1990s and Comedy Central's "The Colin Quinn Show," will be at Tempe Improv Thursday Oct. 6 through Sunday Oct. 9.

Attraction: Scalpel Slaves
Sociology professor Deborah Sullivan in her office with her book Although public relations junior Rachel Charlupski just recently turned 21, she has already had six bouts of cosmetic surgery, all involving her nose, and has another planned for December.

Studio Visit: Wiley Wallace
Wiley Wallace doesn't look like an artist. Rather, he doesn't look like what most people imagine when they think "artist." He doesn't have a beard or goatee, and his apartment doesn't smell like nag champa.

Extra Coverage: 'The children in my group were not as different as I expected'
A 15-year-old girl paints a long, white PVC pipe with pink and green stripes. She adds melted wax to the top and blows across it. She has created a didgeridoo, an Australian instrument that is usually made from wood hollowed out by termites.

The girl is a participant in Free Arts of Arizona's Multicultural Arts Camp, a weeklong program that immerses her in hip-hop dance, Japanese Taiko drumming and art projects from multiple cultures. But she is not like a typical girl attending a summer day camp.

Top 5: Worst Haircuts
1. The Mullet: The "business in the front, party in the back" style is only acceptable on two occasions: Halloween and at a white-trash party (and you better rock some acid-wash jeans, too).

Gadget Corner: High-Heeled Hell

Photo courtsey of KRT wire Last Monday as I stepped out of bed, I found myself wincing from the pain of my aching feet. They were still sore from wearing my strappy, 3-inch wedge-heeled shoes the Saturday before.

During my nine-hour shifts at a clothing store, I work solely on my feet, yet I often sacrifice the comfort of flat shoes for the satisfaction of knowing that my high-heeled shoes make me look taller, sexier and older. What girl doesn't? I mean, isn't this the classic struggle between comfort and beauty?

Culture Shock: Free Thinkers
When asked recently what sort of person they would be most reluctant to elect as president, most Americans didn't answer via race, gender or sexuality but rather on the basis of religion.

It was the thought of an atheist in the White House that appalled respondents the most, says Gerda De Klerk, founder of ASU's Secular Free Thought Society.

Techy: Digital World
The idea of owning a digital camera is tempting, but they can get expensive. The reality is that digital cameras are convenient and easily pay for themselves, but unless you're a photographer you don't need a super-fancy one.

Here are some helpful hints for buying your first point-and-shoot digital - after all, we want you to have the highest quality photo:

Interview: Q&A with Dear and the Headlights

Photo courtesy of Dear and the Headlights 
The members of Dear and the Headlights describe themselves as Long-distance relationships aren't exclusively for romance. Just ask the members of local band Dear and the Headlights, who've played together for more than six months with lead singer Ian Metzger living in California. How do they do it?

"It's like a five-way marriage," says drummer Mark Kulvinskas.

Local: Artistic Benefits
This group of Valley artists, led by Andrew Benson and Henri Bernard, is uniting to help Katrina victims and working to build a sense of community in the Valley art scene. In one of the Phoenix's most historic buildings, a group of artists listens as local artistic promoter Andrew Benson talks about an event taking shape for October's First Friday.

First Friday is Phoenix's monthly downtown art walk that sees thousands of visitors, and this month Benson and his company Urban Promotions are treating patrons to something new.

Liner Notes: CD reviews
There are a good amount of bands taking the electronic dance music vibe and tweaking it a little to produce something wickedly twisted but still fun. The Faint does it without seeming ironic or clichéd.

Toshi Reagon just released her eighth album, and you've never heard of her, which makes Have You Heard a rather ironic title.

Calendar: What's Happening
Friday, Oct. 7

"Waiting" confirms every picky-eater's worst fear - no matter how nice you are to the wait staff when you send back food it will be spit on, dropped on the floor and all around added to in disgusting ways.

Scene Points: Ex Favorites
I've been single for a few months, and thought I had shaken off any residual bitterness toward my most recent ex. Apparently not.

It hit me in the SPM office mid-rant (on an awesome headline: "Guitar god finally plays some fucking Skynard" from last week's Boston's Weekly Dig) when "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes began blaring from my accomplice Megan Irwin's computer.

Editorial: From the Edge
The first day I met Andrea her pants were just a little too short and tight. Her sneakers were gray with dirt. Her long hair was scraggly at the ends and shone with oil. Even though we were only 11, her eyes were much older.

She was a foster kid who came to my elementary school about halfway through fifth grade. No one really liked her except me. I was struggling through my first year of public school. I had glasses bigger than my face and about two friends. And I thought Andrea was the coolest person in the world.

RC Helicopters

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