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Local Limelight: Q & A with Calabrese

 by Sam Friedman
 published on Thursday, September 29, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of Calabrese</em>
The local leather-clad brothers in Calabrese bring vampires and zombies to your speakers with their disc 13 Halloweens./issues/arts/694100
Photo courtesy of Calabrese The local leather-clad brothers in Calabrese bring vampires and zombies to your speakers with their disc 13 Halloweens.


Drenched in leather and with haircuts constructed with aching care, horror rock band Calabrese was formed in 2001 by brothers Bobby, Jimmy and Davey Calabrese. With the recent release of its debut album, 13 Halloweens, SPM caught up with lead vocalist Bobby, who says the mission of the record was to provide "the perfect soundtrack to your Halloween night."

SPM: Can you explain horror rock for the uninitiated?

Bobby: It's a style of music, a different sound, a different vibe than other kinds of music. "Horror rock," if anything, emits a kind of evil and power. It's about great vocals, great lyrics -- about all things dark.

SPM: Are mum and dad proud of their musical offspring?

Bobby: Yes, the rumors are true, we are all brothers. Next time you see us play, we dare you to check our IDs. As far as Mom and Dad go, they're definitely into our "Musical Legacy of Evil." You can even see our dad at our shows as our official merch man. If you see an older gentleman all in black and generally being cool, that's him.

SPM: Who used to get the best toys when you were young?

Bobby: Probably our older brother, Jimmy. He was around during the era of "Return of the Jedi" and the height of He-Man's popularity, so he got some pretty cool stuff. Granted, I would end up smashing it and ripping the heads off Luke Skywalker and Skeletor, but when they weren't destroyed by my hands, they were pretty rad.

SPM: Does the band have any groupies?

Bobby: Absolutely not. We aren't rockstars, and won't ever have the attitude of a rockstar. Our band isn't an excuse to get laid and drink booze until we vomit blood, it's a way to spread our music to like-minded individuals, to show our fellow creatures of the night that we are there for them.

SPM: Now, quick-fire questions. Tarzan or Cheetah?

Bobby: Cheetah. I've always loved the absurdity of an ape named "Cheetah."

SPM: Beatles or Stones?

Bobby: Rolling Stones. Those guys are the closest things to vampires -- they never die!

SPM: Chevy Chase or Bill Murray?

Bobby: Billy Murray. The man did "Groundhog Day," for God's sake!

SPM: Juggling or fire-eating?

Bobby: Fire-eating. A minor error could result in complete and utter disaster, making it cooler.

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