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After the Storm
On the cover
On Sept. 5, 2005, seven days after Hurricane Katrina ravaged his family home in New Orleans, Michael Seidman, a student at the University of New Orleans, found himself boarding a bus outside Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

He was alone in a new city, a backpack holding the small catalogue of his worldly belongings -- a few pairs of socks, a pair of shorts, two T-shirts and the names of his fantasy football teams scrawled on a scrap of paper -- strapped to his back. His destination: ASU. His mission: to find some sense of normalcy in a world one act of nature had turned upside down.

Katrina Extra: 'I'll never forget this experience'
As a New Orleans native and evacuee, the past few weeks have been emotionally charged. But at the same time, I feel very blessed. The events have forced me to realize what is important in life.

On the Turf: Mr. Tee
Mike Crowley has become a football hero in his role as the Sun Devil's Fans sitting inside Sun Devil Stadium cheer as the ASU football team takes the field for the opening kickoff. Kicker Jesse Ainsworth launches the ball into the air, and it sails 5 yards deep in the end zone.

On Campus: Religious Rights
Ian Elias is the founder of Jewish fraternity chapter Sigma Alpha Mu, a public relations intern for the Hillel Jewish Student Center and the vice-president of the Hillel student board. Elias' laundry list of activities quickly makes apparent his commitment to Judaism.

"My life revolves around my religion," says the 19-year-old pre-business sophomore.

Calendar: What's happening
Wednesday, Oct. 5
As hard as it is to believe, you can do something free in Tempe at night and near Mill Avenue. On Wednesday, Oct. 5 you can watch the Academy Award-winning film "Million Dollar Baby" at Tempe Beach Park for free, courtesy of the city of Tempe.

"Million Dollar Baby" is the first in a series of free flicks put on as part of Tempe's first annual "Reels & Wheels" Wednesday night movie series.

Culture Shock: Animal Instincts
"Animals are people too!" is a war-cry of animal rights activists worldwide.

And Geoff Hall, Phoenix Zoo vice president of Living Collections, and Erin Maupin, ASU's Animal Welfare Association president, will tell you that the statement might not be as ludicrous as you think. Hall is in charge of overseeing the zoo's 70 plus employees and 12,000 animals. He says that animal culture, just like human culture, develops as a response to needs.

Top 5: Family-owned Tempe restaurants
There's just something about a family-owned restaurant that we love. Aside from delicious food and a friendly atmosphere, it feels good to support our neighbors.

1. Otto's Pizza and Pastry (804 S. Ash Ave.):

Gadget Corner: Radio Revolution
Apple's iPod music player gave us a new way to listen to music and now its new podcast program is making it possible to listen to the radio from your iPod.

Podcasts are free, recorded radio shows that are available on Apple's iTunes Music Store or various Web sites such as and

Local Limelight: Q & A with Calabrese

Photo courtesy of Calabrese
The local leather-clad brothers in Calabrese bring vampires and zombies to your speakers with their disc 13 Halloweens. Drenched in leather and with haircuts constructed with aching care, horror rock band Calabrese was formed in 2001 by brothers Bobby, Jimmy and Davey Calabrese.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Your ex-hippie uncle Steve (formerly known as Windsong) would call Gris Gris a "psychedelic" or "jam rock" band, while the pompous indie rock know-it-all in the apartment below you might call it more of a "progressive-post-experimental-noise" outfit. Either way, Gris Gris's second album For the Season will make you want to drop LSD and watch the pink elephants march up and down your walls...

While I have heard plenty of Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard's side project, The Postal Service, I must admit I am fairly uneducated on Death Cab's back catalog...

Scene Points: Punk Pin-Ups
courtesy of Suicide Girls
Hottest of the bad. Punk rock women are hot. There is a misconception in our society (generally blamed on the media, but that's not really fair) that women with tattoos and piercings are not beautiful, and can't be considered feminine. We are.

Green: One World
The ONE Campaign is working to fight extreme poverty and the devastation caused by diseases like AIDS and malaria. Look for members on campus wearing white bracelets. It was a class on globalization and human rights that inspired justice studies major Laurie Nelson to start the Human Rights Club.

"I didn't want to lose the momentum I had gained from that class in terms of understanding human rights as a political issue," says Nelson.

Editorial: From the Edge
I've spent the past few weeks with people who live in a hell I can only imagine. When I decided to write a story about the Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have come to ASU (After the Storm, page 8), I knew it would be tough for them to talk about. I had no idea how tough it would be for me to hear.

Looking into someone's eyes as they softly tell you what it feels like to lose everything, how scary it is to come to a new place and how frustrating it is to be at a university that isn't theirs, is humbling. It really puts things in perspective.

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