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Culture Shock: One of T.H.E.M.

ASU's sci-fi club is as weird as you'd expect

 by Stephanie Berger
 published on Thursday, September 22, 2005


As president of T.H.E.M, secondary education junior Brian Carney keeps a deep, dark secret: he won't tell us what the hell the acronym T.H.E.M. means.

"You aren't cleared for that information," he says with a devilish grin.

What we are allowed to say, without pledging our firstborn child, is that T.H.E.M is an ASU club that unites fans of science fiction, fantasy and anime.

Members get together to watch movies, play video games and discuss their passion for all things nerdy.

"Yes, some of us play Dungeons and Dragons," Carney says.

But he says that there are no central requirements for joining T.H.E.M. Some of the members only like a certain genre, while others like them all.

Members share reviews of games they have played, books they have read and movies they have seen. Carney says T.H.E.M's Web site has one of the world's biggest collections of anime movie reviews.

The club also publishes a magazine, Entropy, which is a collection of reviews and original short stories.

Another original aspect of T.H.E.M. is its creative names for committees and officers.

Committees are called Cartels. The president is referred to as the Faithful Lackey.

The treasurer, a.k.a. "Money-Grubbing Slime," has no official dues to collect. Instead, at the beginning of each meeting he stands in the corner, and the members throw loose change at him.

But Carney doesn't want the lingo or the tight-knit nature of the group to keep interested students from checking the group out. He says new members are always welcome.

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