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Flipping Out
Students play the drums and the berimbau while they wait to take their turn dancing in the roda. The berimbau is just one of the traditional instruments that students learn to play as a part of their capoeria class. They also learn the atabaque and the pandeiro. A dozen people dressed in white stand barefoot in a circle. Drums beat in the background. Two players stand face-to-face and recognize each other with a small bow as they bend their knees to a squat.

They enter the inner part of the circle, spinning and cartwheeling. The two prowl toward each other, moving their bodies to pace of the drum beats; kicking, bending and twisting into what becomes one fluid motion.

Risky Business
Shaina Levee / THE STATE PRESS
It's Kim Novak's job to keep ASU students safe by appealing to their better judgment (assuming ASU students have Kim Novak's schedule would shock most people. Mechanical bulls, water balloon fights and skydiving are all in her job description.

Mud volleyball and food eating contests are part of a day's work. And the job wouldn't be complete without the occasional Slip-N-Whip.

Local Limelight: Q & A with Dietrichs
Courtesy of the Dietrichs
Courtesy of the Dietrichs Can you remember a time when rock 'n' roll meant something other than a dude with long hair moaning from a 10-foot stage with hordes of screaming fans reaching up, hoping to touch a bit of sweat or perhaps a taste of ego?

Well, so can the Dietrichs. As Liz Dietrich, the group's vocalist and sister to guitarist Mike Dietrich, says, the band operates with a simple enough mission: "We wanted to play dance music without being electronic."

At Work: Cube Life
Nicole Simmons sits inside her cubicle at Honeywell Aerospace, surrounded by mounds of paperwork and aircraft parts. She looks at her watch. It reads 6:30 p.m.

She's been at work for more than 10 hours and will probably continue her work at home.

Liner Notes: Minus the Bear & Devendra Banhart
Perhaps it's the dreary weather that enables Seattle to turn out so many talented bands playing cheerless music. With this new album, Seattle's Minus the Bear may finally get the attention it deserves.

Its fourth release Menos el Oso (That's "Minus the Bear" in Spanish for all you gringos) remains heartfelt despite its undeniable catchiness.

Social: Un-Friendly
Photo illustration I have 120 contacts in my e-mail address book, and 106 of them are in my cell phone. I probably speak to 10 of them on a regular basis, family excluded.

Hi, my name is Mindy and I have too many non-friends.

Scene Points: Not "Everything"
I think it's time I let all you casual music listeners out there in on a secret. You know when you first meet that hot boy or girl who's clearly into music and they ask, "So, what kind of music do you listen to?"

Gadget Corner: Parallel Pods

Photo courtesy of KRT wire Since its unveiling in October 2001, Apple's iPod music player changed the way we listen to music forever.

Apple's fourth-generation iPod is redesigned with a new color screen and touch-sensitive click wheel. The new design also has the ability to store photos and play them on a television with music as part of a slideshow presentation.

Culture Shock: One of T.H.E.M.
As president of T.H.E.M, secondary education junior Brian Carney keeps a deep, dark secret: he won't tell us what the hell the acronym T.H.E.M. means.

"You aren't cleared for that information," he says with a devilish grin.

Top 5: Worst ways to break up with your significant other
1. Switch Teams:

"I'm sorry, but I'm (insert opposite sexual orientation here)."

The New Black: What to wear
"Niiiiiiice!" That was the reaction of some guy who passed us as we snapped this photo of freshman Mya Parker outside the MU.

And for once we agree with the creepy dude -- this girl is indeed, nice. Adorable even.

Editorial: From the Edge
There are some things I just don't understand about other college students. For example, I don't understand why people think Dos Gringos is fun.

I don't "get" Bob Marley or Dave Matthews Band. But what baffles me most is the desire that most college students have to jump straight into an office job right as soon as they finish school.

RC Helicopters

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