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Calendar: Hurricane Relief

 by Chelsea Ide  published on Thursday, September 15, 2005


Friday, Sept. 16
Sometimes we just need a little mushy love in our lives here at State Press Magazine. Things get lonely in our windowless basement office. To keep from becoming bitter, our editors just might have to check out "Just Like Heaven," which opens Friday, Sept. 16. The plot reminds us of "Ghost." Essentially, a pretty woman (Reese Witherspoon) dies and doesn't realize she's dead. She thinks the guy living in her apartment is a burglar. They fall in love. Sure, it's cheesy, but a little cheese is good for you. Plus, it'll make a hell of a date movie if we can find someone to lure us out of this office. See

Saturday, Sept. 17
Musicians aren't the only ones pooling talent to raise funds for those devastated by Hurricane Katrina; Valley artists are coming together on Saturday, Sept. 17 to collect money for people displaced by the natural disaster. While the downtown Phoenix art community organized the event, bands and DJs will also perform. The event at the Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, will be family-friendly and include a children's pavilion with art projects led by local artists. The shindig even has the official seal of approval from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. A minimum of a $5 donation is requested and attendees will be able to select which organization receives their money. There will also be a place to donate clothing, bicycles and other material goods. Starting at 6 p.m. ,you can catch Sweetbleeders, La Roja Dance Ensemble, Candice Aragon, Back Ted-N-Ted, Satori and a slew of others. See

Thursday, Sept. 15
Anyone else remember watching "Saturday Night Live" in 1999 or 2000? Remember the insanely funny skits featuring former Vice President Al Gore and soon-to-be commander-in-chief George W. Bush? Sure you do. The guy that played Al Gore was hilarious. We may not have watched "Saturday Night Live" in awhile (we'd rather be at bars), but luckily for us the man who imitated Gore on "SNL," Darrell Hammond, is stopping by the Tempe Improv, 930 E. University Drive, for shows Thursday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 18. Just to make it clear, you get to watch one of the funny ones from "SNL" at a club. Sounds like a hella good time. Shows are at 8 p.m., with an additional 10 p.m. show on Friday and Saturday. See

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