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Top5: Songs that use Cowbell

 published on Wednesday, September 14, 2005


1. Blue Oeyster Cult -
"Don't Fear the Reaper":

Oh come on. You knew this was coming. You know we've got a fever. And you know what the prescription is.

2. Stiletto Formal -
"Murder at the Stiletto Formal":

It's got a f-ing cowbell breakdown. Does it get more cowbellicious than that?

3. Death From Above 1979 -
"Sexy Results":

All we know is that when the men of DFA 1979 bang on that cowbell and ask to show us "how the man-boy flirts," we want to find out. We really, really do.

4. The Rapture -
"House of Jealous Lovers":

Even when we're stuck at a really boring dance party at a really boring bar in central Phoenix, we still like dancing to this song.

5. LCD Soundsystem -
"Daft Punk is Playing at my House":

This song has been in our heads for days. But instead of humming its insanely catchy chorus, we've been tapping out the cowbell parts on our desks.

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