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It's the New Black: What to Wear

 by Megan Irwin  published on Thursday, September 15, 2005

Megan Irwin


I know what you're thinking: Jean shorts? Suffocation T-shirt? Beard? SPM's answer to all three questions is: yes, yes and everyone should grow one.

OK -- we admit, certain members of our editorial board have a thing for beardos, but it's not just their facial hair that made journalism junior Ben Horowitz (left) and computer science and engineering junior Justin Keefer (right) this week's "do's."

After almost an hour of staring at over-processed hair (Gel? Bleached tips? Are you guys serious?), board shorts and bad fake tans, SPM almost gave up trying to find anyone who stood out enough to photograph.

Then these dudes showed up. On a campus where most people look exactly the same, they prove an important point: Fashion is not about trying hard.

We're pretty sure these are the last two people on campus who aren't worried about impressing anyone.

They're just existing. And clearly, it rules.

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