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Benefit Doubts
On the cover
Sarah* has worked at ASU for more than 15 years. She's been presented with awards by both the university and professional organizations for her dedication to her department.

Yet, the woman in the office next door has two benefits from ASU that Sarah says she fears she may never have: health benefits and tuition waivers for her family.

Helping Out: On Guard
Members of Arizona's 161 Air Refueling Wing, part of the National Guard, flew to New Orleans last week to help rescue victims of Hurricane Katrina. When Ruben O'Livas flew into New Orleans Naval Air Station to deliver supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina, he knew it wasn't like any other flight he took before.

"As I flew into the area devastated by [the] hurricane, everything seemed so eerie," says O'Livas, an Arizona Air National Guard pilot. "It was so dark that you couldn't see anything past the runways."

Expression: Art Education
What exactly are we looking at here? A representation of the dark soul of humankind? A reflection on the painter's troubled childhood? Or just some black paint on a canvas? Before saying I spent my summer as an intern in New York City and everyday for three months I walked past a painting that hung from a New York University modern art gallery. It was a painting of a red apple.

Local: Tempe Music Scene
Tempe's music scene has changed in recent years, but one aspect remains the same:

"It's always been a struggle," says Mark DiCarlo, owner of the Big Fish Pub (1954 E. University Drive).

Liner Notes: CD Reviews

The Ditty Bops
The Ditty Bops
(Warner Bros.) The members of the Ditty Bops are the type of people who thank "our beautiful planet Earth" first and foremost in their liner notes. The nature enthusiasts are Amanda and Abby, two magical creatures with voices sweet enough to rot your teeth.

Pod Stop: Ear budding
Sophomore Hillary Morris is a history buff who's into Greek mythology.

She's partial to Aphrodite. Makes sense - she's a total sweetheart.

Scene Points: S-E-X Pistols
England's the Sex Pistols pioneered a wave of gritty, brash, raw music in the 1970s. The Pistols were the most confrontational, nihilistic band the masses had ever seen.

Thank God I encountered them the same year I learned the functional meaning of nihilistic.

Top5: Songs that use Cowbell
1. Blue Oeyster Cult -
"Don't Fear the Reaper":

Oh come on. You knew this was coming. You know we've got a fever. And you know what the prescription is.

Local Limelight: Q&A with Pokafase
Pokafase, one of the biggest names in the Valley's hip-hop scene, has been rapping professionally since 1995.

Culture Shock: Booking It
A miniature book opens to reveal three-dimensional paper inside, folded like origami, with the phrase "Am I dreaming a memory or remembering a dream?" etched across it in metallic text.

The book by Katherine Nicholson, a fine arts graduate student, is an example of an art form the ASU club A Bunch of Book Artists (ABBA) is exposing to the community.

It's the New Black: What to Wear
I know what you're thinking: Jean shorts? Suffocation T-shirt? Beard? SPM's answer to all three questions is: yes, yes and everyone should grow one.

OK -- we admit, certain members of our editorial board have a thing for beardos, but it's not just their facial hair that made journalism junior Ben Horowitz (left) and computer science and engineering junior Justin Keefer (right) this week's "do's."

Fashion: SPM says 'No' to Boho
Last spring when Vogue, the bible for all things bourgeois, declared that boho, short for bohemian, was the next big thing, we had to chuckle. Upper class snobs dressing like bag ladies? Not likely. College coeds wearing skirts below the knee? Suuure.

But then Mary Kate Olson, everyone's favorite little sister, turned burned out celeb, rolled out of bed tossed on an oversize sweatshirt, an ill-fitting skirt and some cowboy boots. Suddenly, a trend was born.

Gadget Corner: Royal Flush
Every poker player dreams of winning millions at the World Series of Poker Championship. Now, aspiring poker professionals can test their skills in X-Box's new game, World Series of Poker.

The game allows players to create a profile for themselves and the career mode lets gamers live the life of a poker professional. Players can compete in everything from small tournaments all the way up to the WSOP Championship.

Calendar: Hurricane Relief
Saturday, Sept. 17
Musicians aren't the only ones pooling talent to raise funds for those devastated by Hurricane Katrina; Valley artists are coming together on Saturday, Sept. 17 to collect money for people displaced by the natural disaster. While the downtown Phoenix art community organized the event, bands and DJs will also perform. The event at the Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, will be family-friendly and include a children's pavilion with art projects led by local artists.

From the Edge: Editorial
Lately I've been thinking a lot about marriage. A girl I was close with in high school just tied the knot. The last man I dated talked about it often enough to make me a little uncomfortable.

He didn't want to marry me specifically, but he was getting to that stage of life where one starts to think about nesting.

RC Helicopters

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