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From the Edge: Editorial

 by Megan Irwin  published on Thursday, September 1, 2005



Three weeks ago I moved back to Arizona after almost a year living Somewhere Else - you know, that place we all can't wait to run to after graduation, kicking the dust of this desert hell from our boots, to start a new life.

Personally, I always want to be Somewhere Else. I'm one of those unhappy people who are never quite satisfied with her current state. I loved my time away - I learned a ton about myself (more than I ever did at those expensive therapy sessions my mom sent me to in high school), I saw some truly breathtaking places (it's true what they say about Canada) and met people I actually could learn from (dudes from down under make good friends).

Having said all that, it is nice to be home. I can't believe I just admitted that in print. I might say this through gritted teeth, but there was a lot I missed about Tempe. Namely: good burritos, cheap rent, Adriane Goetz and my sweet ass vintage Schwinn bike. During my first few weeks back I made sure to enjoy all four.

But now I've been here almost a month which is plenty of time for me to remember the things I don't like about Tempe. Namely: the extreme, eye-ball frying heat, its obscenely early last call, the way people here don't pay attention to current events and the total lack of public transportation.

The last one is the kicker for me. For eight glorious months I didn't have to drive anywhere. The cross-town bus became my car, the green line my designated driver. It's pretty safe to say I love public transportation.

Which is why I'm baffled by Arizona's disdain for it. When ASU announced recently that, as an answer to our ever growing parking woes, the university is handing out free bus passes to any student who wants one, I was surprised that the student reaction was more "Yuck!" than "Yes!!'

Seriously, what is everyone afraid of? Poor people? Drunks? Cool it with the stereotypes dudes. The excuse that you don't want to use public transportation because "it smells," just doesn't fly. The fact that the bus isn't exactly reliable is a slightly more valid excuse, though as SPM's Stephanie Berger discovered (Bus Pass, page 10), you can actually make it to school on time riding the bus - if you get on the right one that is.

So instead of bitching about the university taking your parking spot, or your long walk to class every day, drop the "I'm too good for public transportation" crap and pick up your damn free pass.

And for the record: yes, I own a car, no I don't drive it to school. I ride my previously mentioned sweet ass bike.

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