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Top 5: Ways to ogle a hot professor

 by Amanda Gonser
 published on Thursday, September 1, 2005

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Not only does this Web site tell you how helpful and difficult a teacher is, it also lets you rate and view how hot he or she is according to students. Count the red chili peppers next to your professor's name to see how spicy your semester could be.

2. or

You might think that these are only for students, but you're wrong. We guarantee if you type in your teachers' names, you will find at least one of them.

3. Friend recommendations:

This can work if you and your buddies have the same taste in what's hot, but if not, you could find out your friends have some pretty crazy obsessions for not too sexy professors. For example, one SPM staffer has a thing for brilliant older men (we're talking Gene Wilder older). We've learned not to take her advice.

4. Dating services:

You all know what online dating is, and so do your professors. Search them, read up about them and then maybe you'll have a chance. But keep in mind obsessing over your hot professor is one thing, actually dating your hot professor is another. It's a major no-no and could get you kicked out of school.

5. Convince yourself:

If you really try, any professor can be hot. Once he or she turns the lights out for a presentation, just squint your eyes, tilt your head and smash your hand on the side of your face. Ta-da! Your professor is Angelina or Orlando.

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