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Lord of the Discs
On the cover

Revenge feels good, especially when directed at a group who has wronged you.

Just ask ASU business senior Jared Mercier and his alter-ego "Scott Ron."

Health Fraud: Your favorite smoothy might taste healthy but...
As you rush around campus every day, it's easy to grab a quick snack in the form of trendy drinks from Jamba Juice or Starbucks.

Touchdown: Fantasy Football
This season, wide receiver Anquan Boldin won't just play for the Arizona Cardinals. He might not know it, but he's been drafted for the Brown Wall Street team in the Clubhouse Crew Fantasy Football League. What about All-Pro Kansas City running back Priest Holmes? He'll suit up for the Apt. 130 Monkey Wrench.

With the kick-off of the 2005 NFL season only two weeks away, fantasy football leagues around the country are filling their rosters. For the uninitiated, the idea is to create a lineup of NFL players who acquire points by scoring touchdowns and amassing yardage. In some leagues, teams play each other each week, while others choose a winner with total points at the end of the season.

Stress Stinks: Here's how to cope
It's 6 a.m. on Monday. Your alarm clock beeps loudly. You drag yourself out of bed, groggy, on a few hours of sleep and head into another long week. By 9:15 you're starving (of course, there was no time for breakfast) and sitting through your second class of the day. After surviving back-to-back classes and choking down a quick lunch, it's time to punch the time clock at work before heading home to tackle a mountain of homework.

You might not like admitting it, but face it: you're stressed.

Bus Pass: ASU is solving parking problems
They both see it at the same time. They rev their engines and speed forward, risking collision in the elusive quest for the object of their desire: an ASU parking space.

With less than 19,000 spaces available for student and faculty parking on campus, it's not unusual to see this battle play out as students fight for a spot. ASU commuters are known for their dislike of Parking and Transit Services, and ASU's plans for expansion that will gradually eliminate 5,000 more of these coveted spaces won't alleviate the situation.

Culture Shock: Farsi fun
They speak Farsi, eat Oloviyeh and participate in Sufi meditation.

Any student who hasn't heard these terms before probably doesn't know much about Iranian culture, other than the negative images that sometimes appear in the American media. The ASU Iranian American Cultural Association is challenging those stereotypes.

Fashion: It's the New Black
Do - Wear a skirt that covers your ass:

Thanks to Mary-Kate Olsen, bag-lady chic is in. And with so many variations of her trademark bohemian prairie skirt out there right now, there aren't any excuses to walk around campus in a micro mini showing off your goods.

Top 5: Ways to ogle a hot professor

Not only does this Web site tell you how helpful and difficult a teacher is, it also lets you rate and view how hot he or she is according to students. Count the red chili peppers next to your professor's name to see how spicy your semester could be.

Scene Points: F#%k Cancer
Punk rock bands are known for getting organized for politics. The genre mouthpiece Fat Mike (from NOFX) did his best to rock Bush out of office a year ago. But punk, emo, metal and hardcore bands speak out for more than giving Bush the boot.

Punk rock photographer Mark Beemer established the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment in 2002 to aid underprivileged breast cancer patients with the cost of medicine and therapy. A year later, he started the Shirts for a Cure Project that's where the musicians come in.

Local Limelight: Q&A with the January Taxi
SPM caught up with the January Taxi last week. The band talked about its upcoming full-length album and its potential strategy for escaping from prison. Members of the group include lead vocalist and guitarist Joshua Taylor, guitarist Brandon B, bassist Christopher Pea and drummer Jeff Kaylor.

SPM: How is work on the full-length album progressing, and what is it going to be like?

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
With their radio-friendly pop tunes and impeccably unkempt hairdos, the Illinois quartet Augustana is sure to make the young girls swoon.

Its debut album All the Stars and Boulevards is loaded with themes of loneliness and heartache that are skillfully packaged alongside catchy melodies fit for alternative radio stations across the country.

Pod Stop: You're dancing to what?
Music therapy junior Michael Plunkett's taste makes SPM tingle with joy. Or maybe it's his sweet personality and awesome dance moves that give us that feeling.

From the Edge: Editorial
Three weeks ago I moved back to Arizona after almost a year living Somewhere Else - you know, that place we all can't wait to run to after graduation, kicking the dust of this desert hell from our boots, to start a new life.

Personally, I always want to be Somewhere Else. I'm one of those unhappy people who are never quite satisfied with her current state.

RC Helicopters

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