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Hot for Fall: Dressing for a new year

Don't get caught in a fashion faux pas - follow SPM's fashion guidelines

 by Mani O'Brien
 published on Thursday, August 25, 2005

Long skirts and paisley prints are must-haves for your fall wardrobe. All clothes courtesy of Buffalo Exchange. Models styled by Adriane Goetz./issues/arts/693534
Shaina Levee / THE STATE PRESS
Long skirts and paisley prints are must-haves for your fall wardrobe. All clothes courtesy of Buffalo Exchange. Models styled by Adriane Goetz.


Let's face it the first week of school is rough. Moving in, finding your way around campus, buying the right books, and pulling yourself out of summer zombie mode. The last thing on your mind has probably been what outfits you'll wear to all the exciting new places you'll discover this semester. Let SPM take some of the burden off your back with our pointers for your fall wardrobe:

What to wear to class: Everyone seems to describe the perfect "to-school" outfit differently. Some students wear their pajamas while others dress as like class is a fashion show. Remember, comfort is key, but dressing to impress can work to your benefit. The trick is to find a happy medium.

Try a tunic shirt. Wearing a longer shirt is stylish and convenient for covering the waistline of your pants, avoiding those unfortunate butt crack-flashing sightings during lecture.

Pair your tunic with cotton or linen capris. Gaucho pants have made a major comeback since last fall. Embrace the soft comfort.

Accessorize with a chunky necklace, or wooden earrings or bracelets for added hippie-inspired accents.

Opt for a clever graphic T-shirt with a silly saying Our personal favorite this week says "Pedro lacks political experience."

Save your mesh basketball shorts for the gym. For class you'll make a much better impression if you wear cotton shorts, cargo pants or distressed denim.

Whatever shoes you wear, whether it they're checkered Vans or white Adidas sneakers, keep them looking nice. As casual as your outfit may be, nice shoes guarantee extra attention while old shoes will ruin any good look.

What to your internship: Depending on the career you're pursuing, your new internship may have different dress code requirements. The key is to find clothing that is conservative and tasteful, but still fun for you. Also, remember to use your best judgment to determine the climate of your office as some are more conservative and less appreciative of the latest fashion trends.

Pair a dressy tank, one with lace or embellishment, under a cropped bolero.

Wear a skirt with layers for a girly, bohemian look.

Add layers of beaded necklaces, thick bangles or a chunky belt worn over your shirt for a completed look

If you must wear a collared shirt, find one with a unique print or one in a fall color like dark green or burnt orange. If a collared shirt is too dressy, go for a nice polo instead.

Go for slacks in a different color than black if you can get away with it. Try chocolate brown or even white for a look that stands out.

Show off your nicest sneakers or brown sandals if the dress is casual. If you have to wear dress shoes, avoid the black square-toed dress shoes, they're uncomfortable and overdone.

What to wear......for a night out: Whether you're going to a concert, a football game or a nightclub in Scottsdale, take the opportunity to dress up for the weekend. For ladies, dressing to go out doesn't necessarily mean letting your goods hang out, but finding the perfect clothes to flatter your body. For guys, dressing up doesn't mean dressing like someone you're not, but finding a look that is probably a notch above your everyday appearance standards. The key word is confidence.

Wear a slim-fitting dress or top with a bohemian pattern, or hints of animal print.

Pair your dressy tops with either black or ivory dress slacks or jeans with embroidery or patchwork.

Ditch your stiletto heels and go for metallic wedge-heeled shoes instead. They're practical and hot right now.

Wear a fitted dress top or short-sleeved button down shirt. Try a light- weight collared top with stitching on the upper corner of your chest.

Pair with denim that has been treated, like a destroyed-wash denim. Avoid slacks if you don't want to feel like you're going to a wedding. However, if going to a Scottsdale night spot, ditch the denim and go for white linen dress pants if you want to get inside.

For shoes, remember that not matter how clean your shoes are, you can't get inside some places wearing sneakers or flip-flops

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