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Opinion: From the Edge

 by Megan Irwin  published on Thursday, August 25, 2005



Last time we spoke, SPM was still a child -- an innocent youth in search of an identity. But now, watch out! We're legal, we're hot and we're ready to show you our goods.

Today is our 18th birthday. It feels good to be a grown up and we hope you notice the difference. Our design is a little sexier, our departments are a little bigger and our feature stories this semester promise to grab you just a little harder.

SPM is the same age as most of the incoming freshmen reading this right now and we understand the growing pains you're experiencing. We've had our ups and downs throughout adolescence, too. And we know what it's like to be in a new place -- pretty damn scary. That's why we've compiled a kick ass guide to Tempe to get you through the first couple weeks in your new home. Check out page 11 to find out our favorite places to eat, shop and be seen. (Hint: Abercrombie is over dudes.)

While you may find yourself all grown up, with a mature new style, that doesn't mean you have to act like an adult all the time. Todd McFarlane, the subject of this week's cover story, "Action Hero" (page 8), sure doesn't. As the creator of "Spawn" comic books and a line of awesome action figures, he's turned a childhood hobby into a multi-million dollar corporation and he did it all by playing with toys. If it works for Todd, it could work for you -- don't be afraid to risk letting your inner child out to play once in a while.

Speaking of taking risks, you more seasoned SPM readers, those who I'm sure have read this magazine faithfully (right guys, right?), might notice that we've taken a few big ones this semester with our design and content.

I set out to change SPM because we were completely out of touch with our audience -- you -- and it was pretty pathetic. It was a struggle to birth the magazine you've got in your hands right now, but I'm hoping it was worth it. I'm hoping that we'll be able to create something that you actually want to read, not just a rag for you to stare at while you mindlessly shove Taco Bell into your mouth at lunch.

Oh God -- I'm lecturing you. I sound like my mother, whining about all my hard work and how much I want you to love us. It's just that this magazine is kind of my baby. But don't worry, I won't threaten to show you my stretch marks -- a totally disgusting threat my mom used to make when she was trying to guilt me into doing anything.

Seriously, there's no way to know if SPM is working unless you respond. If you love it let me know. If you hate it, I want to know even more.

Spare no feelings. Turns out I'm an unbelievably tough woman and I promise I can take a few harsh words from readers.

Especially if it makes me (and my magazine) better.

Megan Irwin is the Editor in Cheif of SPM, reach her at

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