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Local Limelight: Q&A with the Hiller Boys

 by Mani O'Brien
 published on Thursday, August 25, 2005

Local band Hiller wants to revive
Local band Hiller wants to revive "true music," with their authentic style and honest lyrics. Bonus: trumpet.


SPM caught up with Hiller last week after a show at the Modified Arts in Phoenix. Hiller chatted about their close ties to each other, a hypothetical survival plan for abandonment on a desert island, and their combined vision for the band.

Members include lead vocalist Andrew Hiller, organist Mike Porter, guitarists Zach Zimmerman and Gabe Williams, drummer Anthony Burasco, guitarist and trumpet player Mike Wason and bassist Ricky Williamson.

SPM: If you were trapped on a desert island and you could bring three CDs with you, what would you pick?

Hiller: Life and Death of an American Four-Tracker [by John Vanderslice] and the Boston Pops.

Williams: Something by Bjork.

Hiller: Yeah, Homogenic.

Burasco: The Sonics' Boom.

Zimmerman: Ricky and I would bring the soundtrack to "Wicked", the musical.

Burasco: I think I'll embarrass the band with my musical choices, but can I add Think Lizzy? Yeah, I'd say Thin Lizzy.

SPM: Who in the band would get eaten first?

Burasco: Ricky, definitely.

Wason: No, whoever is the biggest.

Burasco: Me, then.

Williams: (laughing) I think Anthony, because we could all crawl up and live inside of his body.

Zimmerman: No, Ricky because he'd annoy the heck out of us first ... and he's young blood.

Porter: Yeah, he's 16, and he's a virgin, too

Hiller: Yeah, that's our answer, we'd eat Ricky, but we'd let him have the first bite ...

Porter: of himself.

SPM: Who would be the last one standing?

All: Mark!

Burasco: Mark-Gyver would definitely be the last one left on the island.

Williams: Yeah, he'd give us some kind of crazy disease, and we'd all die from it but he wouldn't.

Hiller: No, he'd probably piece together a sniper rifle out of pieces of bark and make it off the island.

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