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Action Hero
Grasping a straw basket of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, Little Red Riding Hood sets off into the forest to visit her grandmother. But this isn't your parents Red Riding Hood.

Dressed in a long, red leather cape and black, thigh-high boots, the masked woman smirks as she takes on the Big Bad Wolf. When he makes a pass at this savory Red Riding Hood she attacks from behind and sends him back into the woods, tail between his legs. This more "grown up" Riding Hood is just one of the many action figure creations spawned by Valley comic book artist Todd McFarlane.

Fast Facts: About Todd McFarlane

ddphoto McFarlane is a huge fan of Major League Baseball and his sports memorabilia collection shows it. He purchased Mark McGwire's 70th home run baseball for $3 million and Barry Bonds 73rd home run baseball for $450,000.

Being from Canada, McFarlane's love for hockey flows through his veins and his checkbook. He holds a minority ownership of the Edmonton Oilers National Hockey Leauge team and designed the clubs third jersey, the best-selling third jersey in NHL history.

Culture Shock: Weird Science
Despite recent wild escapades of celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise, the church boasts over 5,100 churches in 156 countries around the world on its official Web site,

The self-proclaimed "Fastest growing religion in the world" is based on science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics, a book about how life works.

Extra Info: Top 5 places to buy comics in the Valley
Top 5 places to buy comics in the Valley

Atomic Comics
3155 W. Chandler Blvd # 5, Chandler
From Anime to action figures, Atomic Comics has the widest variety
of past and current comics. New comic books are available every Wednesday.

Odd Couple: Art imitates life for this real world 'Will and Grace'
He loves to cook, she loves to eat. She does the laundry, while he cleans the house. Every night when he gets home from work, she asks how his day was.

They sound like the perfect couple, but there are just a few minor issues. They aren't married. The two aren't even dating. And then there's the big one: he's gay.

First Person: A Short, Strange Trip to the Other Side
If Barbara Friedkin's life had gone as planned the former actress would have lived a life of fame and fortune. Instead she makes a living off a more mystical talent: her ability to predict the future.

Friedkin's careworn face shows her years filled anxiety, her hair displaying the earliest signs of graying. A multi-colored tablecloth covered in intricate designs lies underneath a gleaming amethyst. A yellow notepad and pen in wait for her use.

City Survival: SPM's guide to your neighborhood
Getting around the ASU neighborhood isn't as tough as, say navigating the markets of Marrakech, but it's still be confusing if you're new to the area.

That's SPM has graciously compiled a user-friendly, non-age discriminatory, vehicle-free guide to your new home. We've listed some of the best-kept secrets in the area, as well as some hot spots where you've just got to be seen. Cut it out. Put it in your pocket. It's way cooler than a map.

Hot for Fall: Dressing for a new year
Let's face it the first week of school is rough. Moving in, finding your way around campus, buying the right books, and pulling yourself out of summer zombie mode. The last thing on your mind has probably been what outfits you'll wear to all the exciting new places you'll discover this semester. Let SPM take some of the burden off your back with our pointers for your fall wardrobe:

What to wear to class: Everyone seems to describe the perfect "to-school" outfit differently. Some students wear their pajamas while others dress as like class is a fashion show. Remember, comfort is key, but dressing to impress can work to your benefit. The trick is to find a happy medium.

Scene Points: Rock Speak
Last week my friend Anna and I hit up Shake, the dance rock night each Saturday at the Rogue. She attends the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, which means we get to discuss the ins and outs of the music scene and hate on bands.

During one of my tirades on an unnamed local band, I told her "they're just too emo for me."

Local Limelight: Q&A with the Hiller Boys
SPM caught up with Hiller last week after a show at the Modified Arts in Phoenix. Hiller chatted about their close ties to each other, a hypothetical survival plan for abandonment on a desert island, and their combined vision for the band.

Members include lead vocalist Andrew Hiller, organist Mike Porter, guitarists Zach Zimmerman and Gabe Williams, drummer Anthony Burasco, guitarist and trumpet player Mike Wason and bassist Ricky Williamson.

Liner Notes: 3 new CDs
Hardcore has become a very beaten and abused word. It gets thrown around too much.

Fortunately, Every Time I Die saved slacking hardcore's jaw a little bit more and made a record that's 100 percent rock and roll. Every Time I Die is a pure, indulgent, gratuitous, satirical and satisfying mix of post-Converge cock-rock mixed with the caustic wit of Kurt Vonnegut.

Music Notes: Pod Stop
Graphic design and photography sophomore Mike Kogel is down with the college rock.

He spends his days taking orders at College Street Deli and flashing cute smiles at annoying editor types who come in to harass him about his musical taste. His iPod picks are:

Opinion: From the Edge
Last time we spoke, SPM was still a child -- an innocent youth in search of an identity. But now, watch out! We're legal, we're hot and we're ready to show you our goods.

Today is our 18th birthday. It feels good to be a grown up and we hope you notice the difference. Our design is a little sexier, our departments are a little bigger and our feature stories this semester promise to grab you just a little harder.

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