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Images from a Vietnamese orphanage
photo courtesy of David Stone
A young girl looks on from a swing at the Orphanage of Hue in Vietnam. The orphanage is said to hold between 75 and 100 children at any given time, and serves as a safe haven for children with no place to go. In a place where white teeth signify savagery and close to 30 percent of its population lives in poverty, Vietnam has a new story to tell. Documentary photographer David Stone, an ASU alumnus, spent three weeks overseas gathering breathtaking images to help with this task.

Vietnam boasts thousands of tourists each year that want to view the untouched landscape. But the land is not all beauty. Scattered with a tumultuous past, the permanent effects of the Vietnam War are still evident -- men and women with missing limbs and broken buildings and families that have never been repaired.

'Batman' best comic-book film
Finally, we have a Batman movie -- make that a superhero movie -- that exceeds its expectations.

The freshly released "Batman Begins" is the comic-book film by which all others must be judged, and should return the once proud franchise to king of the genre.

'Phantom of the Opera' doesn't disappoint
An opera singer, a childhood love and an obsessive murderer with eyes only for the girl.

RC Helicopters

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