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The Cartoonist
For four semesters, Tony Carrillo drew F Minus, a cartoon that ran at the top of the comics section of The State Press.

And in those two years, Carrillo became the Gary Larson of ASU, and F Minus its Far Side. But when Carrillo graduated in December, F Minus disappeared from the pages of the newspaper, leaving students to face a State Press without his unique wit.

Tuned In: The poor man's iPod
ASU senior Anthony Nguyen says he likes the iPod better than the iPod Shuffle. Although he has both, he says he likes the iPod better because it can hold more music. We've all seen it -- the little white cord peaking out from a backpack or purse and traveling just below the face before it divides in two and ends in each ear.

It's the latest must-have accessory not only on campus and in the gym, but also everywhere in between. It's the iPod.

Triple Shot: Not your mainstream music
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Stinkweeds record store offers a relaxed atmosphere, a wide selection of music and a large listening station. If you have an unusual taste in music, then you probably already know how difficult it is to find a place that actually carries the CDs you want.

Hoodlums is the first place ASU students usually go to stock up, but for anyone who is tired of trudging to the MU every time they need a music fix, there are a lot of other local places where you can get quality music at prices that won't put too serious a dent in your paycheck.

The Latest: Going raw
The Rawsome! Cafe at Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe sells raw and organic foods.  People from all different walks of life are beginning to consume this healthier food.  Not just hippies anymore. It's a Friday night in the Rawsome! Cafe in Tempe, home of raw and organic food.

Many customers sport dreadlocks and '70s clothes. One man wears an African tunic while a group of men in business suits munch on raw food. A waiter stands behind the counter, a mellow look on his face.

Tuned In: Tuesdays with DJ Seduce
"Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. The poetry is about to begin. Is everybody in? Is everybody in?"

DJ Seduce spins a record and the host announces the night is beginning.

"I'm so glad you're here and not sitting at home watching TV," the host tells the crowd.

Tuned In: Balancing school and spinning records
Civil engineering junior Wyatt Brice, 21, has had his own DJ business for six years and did more than 100 events last year. While some students spend their weekends studying, others spend theirs as DJs.

Take Wyatt Brice, for instance.

At 15 years old, Brice began disc jockeying for a student radio station in his hometown of Chino Valley, where he also started his own business, DJ Man Entertainment.

In Your Own Backyard: Getting clean after 4/20
Drug tests.

They can be some of the least dignified moments in the human experience.

While most drugs and alcohol pass through the body in a relatively short period of time, traces of marijuana can remain for months. And with April 20 coming up, some students will have to worry about passing the test, and may resort to the age-old practice of cheating.

Sexual Discourse: Foreplaying around
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Women's studies sophomore Natalie Harden describes foreplay as anything but sex and anything that happens prior to sex. Each year, Durex Condoms surveys more than 350,000 people from 41 countries around the world about their sexual behavior. From vibrator use to who gets crowned the sexiest female celebrity in the world, the folks at Durex seem to have all bases covered in their Global Sex Survey.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the question of how much time couples across the world dedicate to foreplay.

Admyering the View: ASU's Far Side
I don't quite recall when I read my first F Minus.

Like a movie you watch over and over again or a book you re-read until the spine gets so crinkled, you can turn it to any page and it will stay open, F Minus just seemed like it had always been there. Had always been in that top spot of the comics page in The State Press.

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