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Sexual Discourse: True or false

What you didn't know about sex and body parts

 by Erika Wurst  published on Thursday, March 31, 2005

Finance junior Paul Komar and Journalism and Italian junior Lisa Zemaneck are tested on their knowledge of sex and body parts./issues/arts/692659
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Finance junior Paul Komar and Journalism and Italian junior Lisa Zemaneck are tested on their knowledge of sex and body parts.
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE


When it comes to sex, most people like to think they have all the answers. But that's rarely the case.

This week, SPM pits a male versus a female to see which sex knows more about sex. We're also hoping you'll learn a little something you didn't know.

May the best man, or woman, win.

Who: Finance junior Paul Komar

Found: At the ASU lacrosse table outside the MU.

Who: Journalism and Italian junior Lisa Zemaneck

Found: Talking to Komar, but we separated them for the quiz.

Question 1: True or False. It is more common for a man's left testicle to hang lower than his right.

Komar: I'm going to say true.

Zemaneck: True. The left one, yeah. I heard that the sperm goes to the left side.

SPM: Good job to both of you. The answer is true. Medical tests have proven that the left testicle isn't as pert as the right testicle on most men.

Question 2: When a man ejaculates, the amount of sperm he releases on average is: a) 1 teaspoon b) 4 tablespoons c) 1/2 cup d) 1/4 cup.

Komar: I'll say c) 1/2 cup. But I don't know. I've never measured.

Zemaneck: B, four tablespoons. A teaspoon sounds too little and a half cup, I don't know what I'd do.

SPM: The answer is actually one teaspoon to one tablespoon. You both failed this question. Next.

Question 3: True or False. Early vibrators were used by doctors to bring women to orgasm as a part of medical treatment.

Komar: True. It would relax them during surgery.

Zemaneck: I'm going to say false because I don't think it's a medical problem if women can't orgasm.

SPM: It's true. In the early 1800s, doctors would give female patients genital massages because they believed that sexual release helped treat emotional and mental problems. Doctors switched to electronic vibrators after they were invented.

Question 4: A 2004 Cosmopolitan poll revealed what as a man's favorite sexual fantasy: a) Doing it in public b) Filming it c) Tying someone up d) Having a threesome.

Komar: Having a three-some. Two girls are definitely better than one.

Zemaneck: Doing it in public. I feel that there are only a small fraction of guys that are comfortable filming it, and threesomes are overrated. More guys would be interested in doing it in public.

SPM: Well, Komar was right. The survey shows that almost half of men fantasize about having more than one woman in their beds. Twenty percent of men chose getting tied up or doing it in public as their fantasies.

Question 5: True of False. The "Kama Sutra" instructs men to make the sounds of the animals who lend their name to different positions like the dog, tiger or elephant.

Komar: False. That sounds really make-believe.

Zemaneck: I'm going to go with false because if I ever heard a guy doing that while we had sex, I'd laugh in his face.

SPM: It's actually true. Men are also instructed to learn other animal sounds, including the cat, wild boar, cow, stallion and ass. Strange, but true.

Question 6: The G-spot can be found: a) On the clitoris b) Inside the vagina c) On the cervix d) Nowhere, it's a myth.

Komar: Inside of the vagina. Why? That's just where God put it.

Zemaneck: Inside the vagina, right? The cervix is too far. Can I choose two answers if I want? I'll go with a and b.

SPM: The G-spot is an area of tissue located about two inches inside the vagina on the tummy side. This spot is made of erectile tissue like the tissue found on a woman's clitoris or a man's penis.

Question 7: True or False. Half of all American women say they have orgasms during sex.

Komar: True. Some women fake it.

Zemaneck: True. It doesn't mean they're telling the truth, but true.

SPM: Wrong. Only 29 percent of women report that they always have orgasms when having sex with someone else. Quite the contrast to the 75 percent of men who say they reach orgasm every time. A funny fact is that 44 percent of men report that their women always have orgasms.

Question 9: Which of the following primates has the largest erection: a) A chimp b) A gorilla c) A human d) A baboon.

Komar: I'd say gorilla. They're just bigger animals. Larger, you know?

Zemaneck: I'd say a baboon. I just feel like a baboon would win. It's just a random guess, but they seem pretty horny.

SPM: You're both wrong. A human male actually has the largest erection (an average of 5 inches), beating out most primates.

Question 10: How many Americans in their 80s participate in sexual activities at least once a month: a) 3 percent b) 13 percent c) 23 percent or d) 33 percent

Komar: Three percent because there's only so much Viagra to go around.

Zemaneck: I'm going to say 23 percent and hope to God that I'd be one of them. I'm hoping lots of people have sex in their 80's. It will give me something to live for.

SPM: Good job, Zemaneck. An average of 23 percent of seniors say they have sex every month.

Final Score: Komar had five correct answers. Zemaneck had three. Congratulations to the fellas.

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