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Admyering the View: Poetry

All art deserves a chance

 by Amanda L. Myers  published on Thursday, March 31, 2005



It was 2000 and Eminem wanted the real Slim Shady to "please stand up."

I was a junior in high school and was one of few students my age who just didn't understand Eminem or his music.

One particular conversation I had about his rapping included one person saying his music is art. I argued, perplexed at how lyrics such as "Bullshit you bitch, don't fucking lie to me" and "Fuck you asshole, yeah bite me" could be considered art.

I still have a difficult time understanding the draw to such music, but over the years, I came to understand that it's wrong to say an artist's music, sculptures, paintings or macaroni picture frames are not art.

Maybe I don't love Eminem, but some people consider his music poetry. Who am I to question what they get out of his music?

So, I relent; it's art, just not my style.

In this week's cover story, "An art of their own" on page 6, writer Heather Wells explores the graffiti art scene in Tempe.

While the artists explain that art is art, whether or not it's legal, one Tempe police officer and some community members flat out hate graffiti.

"It's not art; it's graffiti," says Sgt. Chuck Schoville. "The difference between graffiti and art is that when you do art, you have someone's permission to do it."

I understand where Schoville is coming from as a police officer, but graffiti is more than just random spray paint on private property.

Yes, it is illegal, heaven forbid. But it's also interesting, beautiful, mesmerizing and thought provoking, otherwise known as art.

Some of these graffiti artists are seriously talented and have an interesting perspective on what they do.

"Instead of trying to sell some dumb product to the public, I am just making a funny little character that might make you smile while you are walking home," says SlowPoke, a local graffiti artist.

Monster, another artist, says, "I'm trying to bring together the gap between graffiti and people."

Granted, Monster is probably a long way away from making graffiti acceptable to the masses, but it's an interesting idea.

So check out "An art of their own" and decide for yourself whether graffiti has worth as art.

In the meantime, I think I'll give Eminem another try.

"I just wanna be there for you and you to be there for me/If you agree to repeat after me, I Love You (I love you baby)/Cause I just need you to see, how much I'm eager to be/ Your man legally wed, your love's keeping me fed/This is easily said, so you can lead or be led/If you care to be down cause ain't nobody Like you no where to be found."

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