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Forced recovery

ON THE COVER Experiencing withdrawals, going to group meetings and confronting demons. Rehab isn't exactly what the college-aged population dreams about, but it often becomes a necessity, whether enrolling is a personal decision or a court order.

This week, SPM talks to people who were forced to join rehab by the courts and whose lives have been irretrievably altered because of substance abuse.

Uncomfort Zone: Flashmosphere
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Speech pathology graduate student Sarah Jespersen and computer science graduate student Harvey Hirst are frequent Flash riders. Like most riders, they avoid eye contact and conversation. The students flow in, picking their seats carefully as though certain people have cooties and others don't.

One girl pulls out her cell phone.

"Oh my god, there was this huge party, and I was so drunk," she says to the person on the other end of the line, going on to explain how she had slept next to the toilet rather than the hot guy for whom she pined.

The Latest: Speed dating
Steve Sweeny, 28, who works in the marketing department for Envest Strategies, said he is a frequenter of 8-Minute Dating when he can make it.   
As attractive, young people arrive at the suite in the Glendale Arena, they stroll around and buy drinks from the bar.

The men and women start to mingle, but not too long before Becky Park really gets things going.

Art and Artists: All there is
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Modern Dance freshman Andrew Balderrama performs an impromptu dance for SPM.  Balderrama will be doing a Bulvarian folk dance for an informal concert in the physical science building on May 2.
Class without textbooks, tests or essays. It sounds too good to be true, but for modern dance freshman Andrew Balderrama, that scenario is a reality. Unlike most students, his body is his most important tool in obtaining a college degree.

Balderrama will take to the stage for an informal concert in the physical science building on May 2. The concert is modern and a chance for dancers who might not otherwise be able to showcase their talent. Balderrama will be doing a Bulvarian folk dance.

Triple Shot: Picnic Perfect
Kiwanis Park, located off of Baseline and Kyrene roads in Tempe, and is a great place to have a picnic. Besides the lake and shaded areas, the park also offers playgrounds and numerous pathways.
When Chili's build-your-own burger and the latest Ashton Kutcher flick just don't cut it anymore, it might be time to trade in the dinner and a movie for a little variety -- and maybe a couple of ants.

Welcome to the world of picnicking. Sure, it may be a little daunting at first -- there is a lot to keep in mind, but SPM has a few pointers to keep you on track..

Tuned In: Head cases
"Let's get some energy," the singer screams into the microphone. The lights go dim as bassist Steel Wulffe steps to the front of the stage and plucks the first few chords. A chorus of screams ripples through the crowd as the band plays a rollicking version of Ozzy Ozbourne's "Crazy Train."

It is Wednesday night at the Library Bar and Grill on Mill Avenue, and Metalhead is playing to a full house primarily made up of inebriated men.

Friday Night: Free flicks
Gina Aroneo, a high school English teacher in north Phoenix, walks to a Phoenix Film Festival screening in downtown Phoenix. The screenings are free every Friday night and are possibly the best-kept secret in the Valley. In the heart of downtown Phoenix, dozens of people unfold lawn chairs and stake out their territory behind a tucked-away brick building.

From here, you can see Bank One Ballpark, America West Arena and pretty much all the major buildings of downtown. But most of the people in those buildings have no clue where to find this area. That's the whole idea.

Off the Shelf: BYO hookah
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Business senior Sol Eskinazi and Red Mountain High School senior Amber Militello smoke candy apple hookah at Oasis Cafe.  Eskinazi says his favorite flavor is strawberry. It's a Tuesday night and Arabic music fills King Tut's Hookah Lounge in Tempe. Smoke saturates the air as students huddle around hookahs, large water pipes that filter flavored tobacco. Laughter rings throughout the lounge from one booth to another.

For some hookah smokers, this is the ideal environment to have a good time and relax with ma'assell, Arabic for tobacco mixed with sugar syrup and fruit extract. Ma'assell comes in flavors including mango, coconut, raspberry, cappuccino and strawberry.

In your own back yard: A reclaimed passion
Knit or die. That's the hard-core motto of the knitting circle that meets at Tempe's Three Roots Cafe, where Spanish and education junior Robbie Klasky learned and became hooked on knitting.

Klasky is one of a growing number of students who have picked up knitting as a hobby. Just look around campus -- the clinking of needles often mixes with the ring of cell phones and cash registers.

Sexual Discourse: Spicing it up
Wildlife habitat management junior Chelsea Richards says sex always gets boring and that one can only like someone so much for so long.  
If you do anything -- even if it's something you love -- for too long, it inevitably gets boring. Sadly, sex is no exception. This week, we're looking at the repercussions of long-term relationships on the sex lives of college students.

Unless you've pledged abstinence until marriage, your long-term relationship probably looked like this at one point or another: You meet, you fall in love, and you can't keep your hands off each other. Suddenly, you're a year deep and seven hours of sleep sounds a lot better than late-night nookie. Don't worry, you're not the only one who feels this way.

For Better or Wurst: Sad Visits
I've been to drug rehab centers plenty of times. But instead of a patient's bracelet, I wore a visitor's badge.

I have visited my brother, my ex-boyfriend and one of my best friends, who all were seeking help for their addictions.

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