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The Latest: Shopping at the Sexy Safeway

Local grocery store has become a hot spot for hot students

 by Kristi Eaton  published on Thursday, March 3, 2005

<em>Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE</em><br>English freshman Lauren Vanantwerp and biology freshman Candace Coffey shop at the
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
English freshman Lauren Vanantwerp and biology freshman Candace Coffey shop at the "Sexy Safeway" near Rural and Broadway roads. Some students shop there for the sole purpose of picking up members of the opposite sex.


Candace Coffey and Lauren Vanantwerp walk in Safeway dressed like models in an Abercrombie and Fitch ad.

The freshmen are shopping for their weekly groceries, but at this supermarket -- also known as the Sexy Safeway -- they might just find dates, too.

As the closest grocery store to ASU, the Safeway on Broadway and Rural roads is a natural hot spot for hot coeds. But oftentimes, students go there for the specific purpose of scoping out the opposite sex rather than loaves of bread.

Coffey and Vanantwerp sport tans, low-rise jeans and bright, tight tank tops.

As they enter the store, the two grab a shopping cart and begin walking up and down the aisles, starting with produce. As they pick out only the freshest vegetables, they talk about their past trips to the grocery store.

"I see a lot of guys with their eyes out for girls," says Vanantwerp, an English freshman wearing a green top so bright, it turns most of the other shoppers' heads.

Many students who shop at the store make sure they look good while they peruse the products.

Computer science junior Austin Cornelius says he notices a lot of the girls in Safeway who are dressed nicely.

"My friends and I make fun of the fact that the girls get dressed up to come here," he says as he puts a bottle of ketchup in his shopping cart.

Courtney Splett, a pre-med sophomore at Scottsdale Community College, says she tries to look her best while she shops at the store.

"I don't dress up, per se," she says as she reaches for a container of ice cream. "I do make sure I look presentable, though. I don't want to look like crap."

Splett is wearing short green Soffe shorts, a hoodie and her hair is sitting atop her head in a mess of a knot. It looks as if she just got done from working out at the gym, yet she is wearing make-up.

She says she comes to the store specifically to check out the guys and always does her grocery shopping at night because she believes that's when the more attractive guys shop.

"College kids are always out at night," she says. "You never see older people here."

Safeway cashier Stefani Weast says a lot of people go to the store before they head out for a night of partying, and that they often go to the bank that is located at the front of the store to get money.

"As they walk there, you can see them showing off a little," she says.

Weast says guys and girls meet all the time at the store to get together later.

"It happens all the time, every day," she says.

In reference to the guys in Safeway, she says, "You can always hear them whisper as they walk through the store checking out girls."

Splett says many guys check girls out as they bend over to pick up items that are low on the shelves.

"The girls are usually oblivious to the fact, though," she says.

Although the store has become notorious to many for its dating scene, some students who shop there remain unaware of its popularity among the single crowd.

"I didn't notice it before," says undecided freshman Kim Barlow. "But now that you mention it, it makes sense. I see guys looking at me sometimes. I think it's kind of funny."

But besides the obvious plus of shopping at a grocery store chocked full of beautiful co-eds, many people say they simply choose the Sexy Safeway for its close proximity to campus.

"I don't have a car, so coming here is the easiest for me," Barlow says.

Cornelius agrees, "I come here because it's the closest. But looking at the girls is an added bonus," he says with a smile.

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