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To extremes
ON THE COVER Muscles rippling, Holly Dison contorts her body and grips a sketchy pocket on the wall with her fingers.

She wraps her right leg around the back of her left, delicately balancing on a sliver of rock the size of a baby carrot. Her lithe body is completely taut as she grabs a good-sized slab and holds on tight. Finally, she drops onto the padded ground with a soft thud and announces she is starting to feel warmed up.

Fashion: Worn out
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Broadcasting senior Steph Van Horn allows SPM to give her a fashion makeover at Buffalo Exchange on Friday. Jeans and a T-shirt.

The look is classic, but on a campus of about 50,000 students, the outfit can get a little tired. This week, SPM takes two ASU students with cookie-cutter clothes, challenges them to walk the fashion plank and let us deck them out in garb they would normally never wear.

Triple Shot: Must-see galleries
Brandon Quester
Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINELocated within walking distance of the ASU campus, Wet Paint offers an upstairs gallery for local artists, plenty of supplies and even a variety of old-school records. 
The image an art gallery often conjures up is a crowd of stuffy, old people eating cheap wine and cheese -- the kind of people who could probably buy the whole gallery if they so desired.

But all it takes to truly appreciate art is a thirsty and open mind and knowledge of the best, lesser-known galleries in the area.

Tuned in: Our own supastar
Ben Harris has many titles: Student, actor, rapper, producer.

And on March 21, the journalism senior will add another one to the list: performer on the Anger Management Tour.

Tuned in: Dreaming big
Joe Yoder may just be a regular ASU student with a passion for music, but he very soon could win an MTV contest that would get him a record deal and music video.

Yoder, a theatre sophomore, entered mtvU's "Best Music on Campus" contest late one night while he was surfing the Internet.

In Your Own Backyard: All the right moves
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Aerospace engineering sophomore Chris Sublett, left, and Pinnacle High student Donald Prem match their strategic skills during a chess tournament at ASU on Saturday. "Saved by the Bell" taught adolescents countless invaluable lessons.

It taught girls the importance of having big bangs like Kelly Kapowski's to attract hot guys, taught guys that with a wink and a charming smile, they too could be a ladies' man like Zack Morris, and that by taking the first initial off their first and middle names, they could be a bad ass like A.C. Slater.

The Latest: Shopping at the Sexy Safeway
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINEEnglish freshman Lauren Vanantwerp and biology freshman Candace Coffey shop at the Candace Coffey and Lauren Vanantwerp walk in Safeway dressed like models in an Abercrombie and Fitch ad. The freshmen are shopping for their weekly groceries, but at this supermarket -- also known as the Sexy Safeway -- they might just find dates, too.

As the closest grocery store to ASU, the Safeway on Broadway and Rural roads is a natural hot spot for hot coeds. But oftentimes, students go there for the specific purpose of scoping out the opposite sex rather than loaves of bread.

Sexual Discourse: Know yourself
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINECommunications senior Mac Lomax says he gets tested for STDs every six months.  
Taking any kind of test is nerve wracking. Whether it's math, science or English, confusing Scantron sheets and dull No. 2 pencils are enough to make anyone's heart race.

But the hardest test to take isn't one that will determine whether you will graduate on time. It's the one that will determine whether you may be harboring a deadly virus or a sexually transmitted disease.

Admyering the View: 13,000 feet and jumping
As I ride in an airplane 13,000 feet above the stark Arizona desert, I prepare to jump.

I triple-check the straps connecting me to an experienced sky diver, look at the altitude gauge attached to the strap on my upper right shoulder and glance out the window.

RC Helicopters

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