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For Better or Wurst: Playing around

Risk of getting caught in the act is irresistable

 by Erika Wurst  published on Thursday, February 10, 2005


I can see the lights of my house from here, a jungle gym playground. Just a few hundred feet away, the garage door of my home opens. A car backs out and zooms down the street.

The driver is my mother and she has no idea that I'm here, and not by myself.

My heart beats faster as I begin to realize I could be caught at any given second. Caught by hoodlum teens coming to smoke pot and play on the swings, by a late-night jogger, by my mom, or even the police.

But I love it.

I am having thrill sex, a practice that many students engage in on campus.

In this week's SPM, editor Amanda Lee Myers uncovers this taboo topic in "Thrill sex" on page 6.

Sometimes, the bed just isn't enough to keep some people excited. Only a bustling campus full of empty classrooms and desolate parking lots can do that.

But don't get confused. Thrill sex isn't doing it in a public place so others can watch; it's the risk of getting caught that fuels its practitioners' flames.

For instance, the first time I snuck out of the house when I was growing up wasn't because I really wanted to hang out in the freezing cold smoking cigarettes with the neighbor kids; I loved the feeling I got when I thought my mom might catch me.

Whether it's in the basement of the nursing building, a couch in a conference room or Lot 59, the thrill of knowing that every footstep could be the one that catches thrill seekers in the act is what keeps them going.

Let's just say that the next time you see a football game at Sun Devil Stadium, you'll have a new appreciation for the 50-yard line.

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