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Thrill sex
ON THE COVER It's a quiet night in a Chicago diner.

A cook and a waitress don't have much work, so they head to the storeroom, which is brimming with boxes packed with ketchup, coffee beans and maple syrup.

The cook looks around before he puts his hand in the waitress' white, button-up blouse. After a few seconds, he gets a bit nervous.

Liquor minus liquid
Photo courtesy of AWOLUsers suck on Alcohol Without Liquid, which is being marketed as getting drunk minus the hangover. Your head throbs rhythmically and stomach pains churn like you've just eaten three Taco Bell bean burritos. One look at the rays of sun that slice through the blinds sends you diving under the covers with a sudden desire to vomit.

For some college students, these symptoms are all too familiar after an intense night of drinking, making hangover prevention and cures a hot topic.

Thought-Provoking: Nude realism
Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINEPhotography professor Betsy Schneider considers a photograph she took of her child. Her new exhibit, titled The photo is of a little girl who looks about 6 years old. She has blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She has managed to stuff and contort her body into a rubber pail of water and is staring up at the camera with wide eyes and a peaceful expression.

The photograph was taken on a hot Arizona day by Betsy Schneider, an ASU assistant professor of art. It is of her daughter Madeleine, who is now 7 years old.

Medicine Closet: Herbs and cures
Brandon Quester
Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINEThis conglomeration of twigs, bark, leaves and herbs, prescribed by Daniel K. Wong  certified specialist in Chinese medicine  serves as an alternative to Western medicine. Wong works at the Apricot House of Herbs in Scottsdale.  I take out a pile of twigs, herbs, bark and leaves from a Ziploc bag and put them in a pot of boiling water.

I let them boil for an hour, and then I strain the liquid.

The result is an inky, dark, pungent substance that tastes oddly like liquid spaghetti sauce combined with marijuana. It is in no way pleasant to drink.

But, it's doctor's orders.

The Latest: All in for poker
Brandon Quester
photo illustration by Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
With the new craze of poker, chip sets such as this one have become common in student apartments, homes and dorm rooms. It's Tuesday night, and the only thing standing between accounting sophomore Ross Meyer and $50 are the five cards in his hands.

Meyer and four of his friends are huddled around a table. As each of them listens to his iPod, they stare each other down until one of them succumbs to the pressure and folds.

Music Notes: Pod People
Brandon Quester
Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINEWeighing only 5.6 ounces, ipods have changed the ease with which people listen to music.  Although these small machines can hold thousands of songs, some say people are listening more to their music than conversing with each other. Picture it: Tempe's Arcadia High School, 1999.

It's passing period. Flocks of students make their way from class to class exchanging the latest gossip, making out by lockers and spending their six minutes of between-class freedom being as social as possible.

Triple Shot: An alternative V-Day
Valentine's Day.

It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times.

Some spend it clutching their significant others, while others spend it clutching a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

In Your Own Backyard: Cleaning up
Brandon Quester
Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINESpanish sophomore Sara Myklebust and political science freshman Fletcher Fowler have started a local chapter of Democracy Matters, a national organization devoted to reforming campaign financing. For two ASU students, almost nothing matters as much as democracy.

That's why they want to bring Democracy Matters to campus.

The national nonpartisan organization began in 2001 when basketball player Adonal Foyle decided it was time to give students across the country a voice concerning campaign finance reform, mainly dealing with the clean elections system.

Sexual Discourse: Simple satisfaction
Forget the roses and candy.

ASU students say they just want some good company this Valentine's Day.

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or happily taken, Valentine's Day doesn't have to drain your wallet.

For Better or Wurst: Playing around
I can see the lights of my house from here, a jungle gym playground. Just a few hundred feet away, the garage door of my home opens. A car backs out and zooms down the street.

The driver is my mother and she has no idea that I'm here, and not by myself.

My heart beats faster as I begin to realize I could be caught at any given second. Caught by hoodlum teens coming to smoke pot and play on the swings, by a late-night jogger, by my mom, or even the police.

RC Helicopters

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