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Sexual Discourse: Difficult Positions

Two ASU students speak up about a new Cosmo book of 'mind-blowing' sexual positions

 by Erika Wurst  published on Thursday, February 3, 2005

<em>Brandon Quester / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE</em><br>Vince Kozar says he might buy Cosmo Kamu Sutra: 77 mind-blowing sex positions as a joke. He adds that one day it might come in handy.  /issues/arts/691863
Brandon Quester
Vince Kozar says he might buy Cosmo Kamu Sutra: 77 mind-blowing sex positions as a joke. He adds that one day it might come in handy.


The amazing butterfly, the octopus and the mermaid aren't just creatures anymore. They are sexual positions, according to "Cosmo Kama Sutra: 77 mind-blowing sex positions," a new book by Cosmopolitan magazine that's spicing up bedrooms across the nation.

The book, which is hot pink and shaped liked a square, puts a new spin on "The Kama Sutra," the ancient Indian guide that shows couples how to tangle themselves in the most obscure positions to heighten sexual pleasure.

A self-proclaimed booty bible, "Cosmo Kama Sutra" has detailed instructions to accompany colorful illustrations, as well as a "Why you'll love it" section and Cosmo tips on every page.

Some will flip through the book to poke fun at it with their friends; others will treat it as a must-have to keep their sex lives interesting, and some will choose to ignore it.

SPM hits campus this week to find out what two ASU students think of it.

Who: Journalism junior Vince Kozar

Found: on Hayden Lawn eating Burger King

SPM: So, is this a book you would buy?

Kozar: Would I buy it seriously? Like a tutorial? Yes. There's always a chance that it's a book you'd buy as a joke or get as a joke, and then one day you're like, "Wow, that could work."

SPM: Is this the type of stuff you would try?

Kozar: I feel like the demands on the woman are a lot more than the man. The man's just standing there, and to participate as a woman, it looks like you have to be some type of contortionist or have had seven years of gymnastics experience. I'd consider trying it, yeah. It's not a first-date conversation piece, but if you're in a relationship, why not?

SPM: Do you consider a book like this to be dirty or wrong in any way?

Kozar: I definitely don't think it's taboo. I don't think sex is something to be taken that seriously, especially in a neon-pink book sponsored by Cosmopolitan.

SPM: Have you ever tried Kama Sutra positions?

Kozar: Well, I'm definitely open and definitely intrigued by a lot of it because sometimes trying something new, even if it's not that pleasurable, is exciting on its own. Why not, really? That's my attitude. How many times am I going to live?

SPM: Go ahead and pick out a position that looks appealing to you.

Kozar: I'm a big fan of the "couch canoodle." Not only does it suggest content and position, but also setting. I really appreciate that. I feel like a lot of these have to be on the floor, or you'll be falling off something.

SPM: Why do you think some people like sticking with the missionary position?

Kozar: I think it's because they don't want to be shot down (when asking their partners to try new positions). People are close to the vest in terms of experimentation and things that are taboo. There's such a conservative sexual climate in this country, I think. It takes away from the fact that while this stuff is supposed to be private, it's also supposed to be fun.

Who: Communication junior Laura Tompkins

Found: Hayden Lawn

SPM: Is this a book you'd buy?

Tompkins: No, I would look at it but not buy it. It's not my kind of reading.

SPM: Well, if you did buy it, is it stuff you'd like to try?

Tompkins: Some of it, sure. Probably. Not all of it, though. Some of [the positions] look kind of scary, and I haven't really found someone I'd be comfortable doing that with yet.

SPM: When you look at the book, does it seem wrong or dirty to you?

Tompkins: I don't think it's dirty or wrong. It makes me a little uncomfortable, personally, but I think it's kind of cute.

SPM: When it comes to positions, how many have you tried?

Tompkins: I'm pretty prude. Maybe I've tried, like, about three. I don't know their names, though.

SPM: OK, skim through and find a position you'd like to try.

Tompkins: I like the "Niagara Falls." You're on the floor of the shower; that's super hot. I'm sorry. It's so clean and refreshing.

SPM: We liked that one, too. So when it comes to positions, do you think ones like the "pleasure pick-me-up" or the "sensual spoon" are better or worse than traditional missionary?

Tompkins: I think it's better. If you're doing it, you should be passionate about it. You should make it as fun as possible. If you're already doing it anyways, why not enjoy it to its fullest potential as much as possible?

SPM: What advice would you give others, or even yourself, when it comes to sexual positions?

Tompkins: I would advise people to make sure people they're doing things with, they can be comfortable enough around to try new positions. That was my problem. The people I was dating, I wasn't that comfortable with. Does that make sense?

SPM: Perfect sense. You can't perform the "erotic accordion" with just anyone. Why do you think people are apprehensive to try new things in bed?

Tompkins: Because of insecurities about their bodies, and they might just be doing it with the wrong person. We're taught missionary style is sex and not taught that exploring and trying new things are part of the sexual experience as well.

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