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GPSA backs Crow tuition increase

The Graduate and Professional Student Association has announced it will work with ASU President Michael Crow to raise tuition by 8.5 percent next semester, according to a statement released by the group Tuesday.

The graduate students are looking to receive funds for research grants, financial aid, research and teaching assistants and students who are working on their theses and dissertations. Crow has not yet confirmed the percentage increase he will ask the Arizona Board of Regents to approve when tuition talks begin in April. He said an 8.5-percent increase has been "on the table for some time."

National birth control trend not mirrored at ASU

A governmenat survey found that sexually active women nationwide are using less birth control, but the same is not true for ASU.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics study, the number of women ages 15 to 44 who were sexually active and not using contraception rose from 5.4 percent in 1995 to 7.4 percent in 2002.

USG president testifies on proposed state budget

ASU's Undergraduate Student Government is supporting the governor's proposed budget and working to get more students involved in lobbying the Legislature.

USG President Sophie O'Keefe-Zelman, acting as a board member of the Arizona Students Association, testified before the Senate's Committee of Appropriations on Tuesday and the House Committee of Appropriations today. She argued for Gov. Janet Napolitano's budget, despite USG's desire for more University funding.

New ASU financial officer named

As numerous campus expansions continue to develop at ASU, a new administrative position has been created to determine how money is spent and managed. Carol Campbell was announced as ASU's new executive vice president and chief financial officer on Friday. She will begin June 1.

Ready to make a splash

aldei gregoire
Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS
ASU junior Elaine Bentley attempts a shot Tuesday at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center.
This spring, the ASU water polo team will do what most students only dream about doing. The No. 16 Sun Devils are scheduled to spend six weekends in California and another in Hawaii.

Under fourth-year coach Vicki Gorman, ASU will play 14 of its 22 regular-season matches in California, starting with this weekend's UC San Diego Invitational. It also will make trips to UC Santa Barbara, California, UC Davis and Pacific before its March 12 home opener against UC Irvine.

Calif. QB highlights recruiting class

No Ben Olson. No Jason Forcier. No problem. After losing out on the recruiting sweepstakes for a pair of top-notch quarterbacks, the ASU football team hit the jackpot in landing Derek Shaw of Oceanside (Calif.) High School.

Today is the first day schools can receive national letters of intent. ASU has 23 known commitments. It has 21 scholarships to offer.

Petrifying in pink

Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Management senior Jenah Duea works out at Club SAR in Scottsdale. Duea began boxing in 2002 and is now a member of the ASU boxing club and boxes competitively.
In "Million Dollar Baby," actress Hilary Swank plays a stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to establish herself in the boxing profession.

The movie, and what trainers say is an all-time high enrollment for female competitors, have taught the public two things: one, Hilary Swank can kick ass and two, male-dominated sports like boxing and Ju-jitsu aren't just boys' clubs anymore.

Girly drinks and girly men

"Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of." This classic American poem that every mother repeats to her daughter is often thought to be an indicator of the sweet nature of females.

In youth, it begins by playing with dolls. During teenage years, it progresses to wearing perfume and painting toenails. But as girls enter adulthood, this same sweetness becomes the bottom line for drink choices, which is why the current assortments of sweeter, alternative alcoholic beverages have become widely known as girly drinks.
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