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Town Lake reopens after lengthy closure

Bess Stillman

Biology graduate student Laura Becht works out with the ASU rowing club early Monday morning on the shore of Tempe Town Lake, which has been closed for several days because of recent flooding.
Tempe Town Lake reopened its docks Monday at noon after rainy weather closed them over the weekend. This was the second time in recent months that Tempe Town Lake has had to close, leaving many users, including the ASU rowing team, out of the water.

Chris Anaradian, Rio Salado project manager, said the problems were caused by a release of water from the Salt River Project, which resulted in the high water levels.

PTS to open online service for customers

Camping on the sidewalk and obsessively calling SunDial to purchase or renew an ASU parking decal may soon be a thing of the past.

Parking and Transit Services plans to sell parking decals online for the first time in March.

Despite having the largest student body in Arizona, ASU is the last of the three major state universities to put its parking decal sales online.

Mill Avenue coffee shop under new ownership

Mill's End coffee shop, located on the north end of Mill Avenue, was sold Monday to two entrepreneurs fulfilling their dream of owning their own business.

"We love the place, and we love the area," said new owner Sam Hammad. Hammad, 30, and his cousin Mike Badawy, 26, purchased the shop in hopes of being their own bosses and having a successful business.

Swan song rebound

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THE STATE PRESS file photo

Senior pitcher Desiree Serrano anchors the ASU softball team. The Sun Devils are hoping for a rebound after finishing last in the Pac-10 last season.
Missing out on postseason play for the first time in eight years leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

The ASU softball team hopes to expunge that taste this season. After seven consecutive NCAA Regional appearances, ASU struggled to a 33-31 overall record and a 3-17 mark in Pac-10 play last year.

ASU athletes boast higher GPAs

For the first time under fourth-year coach Dirk Koetter, at least one-third of the ASU football team posted a 3.0 GPA for the fall semester.

The team has improved its academic performance in each of the past three years, athletic department officials said.

Only 15 players on the 2001 team earned a 3.0 GPA for that year's fall semester. By comparison, 34 players posted a 3.0 GPA last semester.

Petrifying in pink

Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Management senior Jenah Duea works out at Club SAR in Scottsdale. Duea began boxing in 2002 and is now a member of the ASU boxing club and boxes competitively.
In "Million Dollar Baby," actress Hilary Swank plays a stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to establish herself in the boxing profession.

The movie, and what trainers say is an all-time high enrollment for female competitors, have taught the public two things: one, Hilary Swank can kick ass and two, male-dominated sports like boxing and Ju-jitsu aren't just boys' clubs anymore.

Girly drinks and girly men

"Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of." This classic American poem that every mother repeats to her daughter is often thought to be an indicator of the sweet nature of females.

In youth, it begins by playing with dolls. During teenage years, it progresses to wearing perfume and painting toenails. But as girls enter adulthood, this same sweetness becomes the bottom line for drink choices, which is why the current assortments of sweeter, alternative alcoholic beverages have become widely known as girly drinks.
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