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Councilwoman blasts students

Tempe City Councilwoman Barbara Carter caused a stir Thursday when she said the City Council does not want students living in single-family residential districts.

"I know it's the position of this Council to get students out of our neighborhoods," she said. "We want to get students out of single-family homes and into apartments."

Philly 'steaks' claim in Tempe

A new Mill Avenue restaurant is bringing more than a taste of Philadelphia to Tempe.

Corleone's Philly Steaks will be opening its second location in Arizona less than one block from Philly to the Max, on Mill Avenue.

Golf cart theft on the rise

Groups on campus are taking extra steps to secure their golf carts after a period of increased theft during the fall semester.

The Department of Public Safety reported just before winter break that the rate of golf cart thefts on campus rose dramatically in October and November.

ASU sets lofty goals for Biodesign Institute

Leaders at the Biodesign Institute hope the recently opened center brings funding, talent and prestige to ASU. The Institute, which opened its first building in December, will focus on bringing prestigious scientists to the University to put the school at the front of biotechnology research.

McKale Center drought continues

Aldei Gregoire
Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS
UA freshman forward Che Oh guards senior guard Lauren Stagg during the ASU-UA game at McKale Center in Tucson on Wednesday which resulted in a 56-49 loss
TUCSON -- The opportunity was there. Right on the fingertips. Within arm's reach.

Then the ASU women's basketball team folded faster than a cheap umbrella in a rainstorm.

Men's hoops opens homestand against Cougars

The ASU men's basketball team may not be wearing throwback jerseys or thigh-high shorts tonight at Wells Fargo Arena, but they will still be involved in an old-school basketball game.

Fresh off a road split with the Oregon schools, the Sun Devils (14-5, 3-4 Pac-10) are back at home with confidence and prepare to open up a four-game homestand, beginning tonight with Washington State.

Petrifying in pink

Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
Management senior Jenah Duea works out at Club SAR in Scottsdale. Duea began boxing in 2002 and is now a member of the ASU boxing club and boxes competitively.
In "Million Dollar Baby," actress Hilary Swank plays a stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to establish herself in the boxing profession.

The movie, and what trainers say is an all-time high enrollment for female competitors, have taught the public two things: one, Hilary Swank can kick ass and two, male-dominated sports like boxing and Ju-jitsu aren't just boys' clubs anymore.

Girly drinks and girly men

"Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of." This classic American poem that every mother repeats to her daughter is often thought to be an indicator of the sweet nature of females.

In youth, it begins by playing with dolls. During teenage years, it progresses to wearing perfume and painting toenails. But as girls enter adulthood, this same sweetness becomes the bottom line for drink choices, which is why the current assortments of sweeter, alternative alcoholic beverages have become widely known as girly drinks.
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