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Regents to decide on mandatory meal plans

Aldei Gregoire
Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS
Physics graduate student Ralph Desimone puts dressing on his salad at Manzanita Square on Tuesday.
Students living on campus could be footing the bill for a mandatory meal plan as soon as fall 2006.

Specifics are not final, but ASU officials are asking the Arizona Board of Regents on Friday to grant concept approval of a proposal that would require all students living in dorms to purchase meal plans that range from $1,900 to $3,500.

English-only bill hot topic during Tempe forum

Two Arizona senators are split over a bill that would make English the state's official language at a Tempe forum on Tuesday.

Sens. Harry Mitchell, D-Tempe, and John Huppenthal R-District 20, which includes Tempe and Chandler, participated in "Let's Talk Tempe," a monthly TV program hosted by Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center.

New dean sets high goals for nursing department

Until her freshman year in high school, Bernadette Melnyk wanted to be a nun.

It wasn't until she worked as a candy striper that Melnyk decided she wanted to be a nurse.

This is Melnyk's first semester as dean of the College of Nursing, and she has some big plans.

Cougars coach sorry for finger

Taking a page out of former ASU quarterback Jake Plummer's code of conduct, Washington State men's basketball coach Dick Bennett apologized Tuesday for flipping off the Washington student section during the Cougars' 66-48 loss to the Huskies.

"I didn't lose my mind, but made an inappropriate gesture," Bennett said. "It's something I've never done. We were just playing badly, and I was more frustrated by that than anything the fans said or did."

Down a familiar road

In a season full of potential pitfalls, the ASU women's basketball team awaits another hefty challenge without the friendly backdrop of Wells Fargo Arena.

The road-savvy Sun Devils already have proven their worth away from home with wins over Virginia, then-No. 11 Georgia and then-No. 19 UCLA. Their 44-42 victory over UCLA snapped the Bruins' 10-game home winning streak and opened the door for other teams in what has become a nip-and-tuck Pac-10 race.

Down with Diesel

spm cover
To environmentalists, mass-producing alternative fuel would be the ideal way to save the world from ozone-clogging pollution.

To others, the concept is pie in the sky; a crackpot tree-hugger's false hope for utopia. But to one ASU professor, making alternative fuel work is a reality.

Corporate coffee alternatives

Standing in line at the fifth Starbucks on the 3-mile drive to school or work. Like any coffee shop, there are plush chairs, laptops and hurried businessmen. Even though up-tempo pseudo-jazz music is being piped through the speakers, there is something missing from this posh, elite Mecca of the Macchiato.

Though Starbucks, Coffee Plantation, the Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans and the like are all beloved institutions, the true coffee connoisseur would be doing himself or herself a real disservice by missing alternative Tempe gourmet roasters off the beaten path.
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