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ACLU agrees not to file window policy lawsuit

The American Civil Liberties Union will not file a lawsuit against ASU after making an agreement with ASU officials late Thursday afternoon.

ACLU attorney Nick Hentoff, who represents political science and history sophomore Laura Thorson and biology and society sophomore Hayley Ivins, two students who had disputed the policy last semester, said Thursday he expected to file suit in the coming week.

Tempe caught in land dispute

The city of Tempe is threatening to demolish 30 local businesses if the owners do not agree to sell the property to make room for a $200 million shopping center.

The center would be located at Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Drive.

Five of the owners of these businesses formed Tempe Property Owners Against Governmental Theft to dispute the action. These owners said the offers they received for their property from the developers were below market value.

Fraternity placed on suspension

An ASU fraternity under investigation for hazing will be allowed to continue operations this semester, but its charter will be suspended.

Kappa Sigma's charter was withdrawn in October when a member of the fraternity was found vomiting into a garbage can because of consumption of significant amounts of milk.

ASU employee remembered for sense of humor

Colleagues of a slain ASU administrator remember him as a dedicated professional who cared for all people and exhibited a wry sense of humor.

John Babb worked at the University's information technology department for nearly 17 years, most recently as an assistant vice provost, as one of four employees who report directly to Chief Information Officer William Lewis.

Defensive surge lifts Devils

aldei gregoire
Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS
Freshman guard Jacquelyn Johnson guards Oregon State junior guard Anita Rivera at Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday.
As the season progresses, the ASU women's basketball team continues to make its name with strong defensive play. Perhaps its strongest defensive performance of the season came Thursday night.

The Sun Devils limited Oregon State to just 16 field goals and a 29.6 percent shooting from the field in a 50-38 victory over the Beavers in front of 1,494 at Wells Fargo Arena. The 38 points allowed were the fewest points ever allowed by ASU in a Pac-10 game.

Men's basketball collapses on road

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Odds are that the ASU men's basketball team doesn't have to worry about making NCAA Tournament reservations.

Just two weeks ago, the National Invitation Tournament was considered consolation. Now, it has become the destination.

In painstakingly familiar fashion, ASU crashed and burned Thursday in an 88-66 loss to Oregon State that put another crack in the foundation of a team that appears on the verge of collapse.

Down with Diesel

spm cover
To environmentalists, mass-producing alternative fuel would be the ideal way to save the world from ozone-clogging pollution.

To others, the concept is pie in the sky; a crackpot tree-hugger's false hope for utopia. But to one ASU professor, making alternative fuel work is a reality.

Corporate coffee alternatives

Standing in line at the fifth Starbucks on the 3-mile drive to school or work. Like any coffee shop, there are plush chairs, laptops and hurried businessmen. Even though up-tempo pseudo-jazz music is being piped through the speakers, there is something missing from this posh, elite Mecca of the Macchiato.

Though Starbucks, Coffee Plantation, the Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans and the like are all beloved institutions, the true coffee connoisseur would be doing himself or herself a real disservice by missing alternative Tempe gourmet roasters off the beaten path.
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