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Down with Diesel

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To environmentalists, mass-producing alternative fuel would be the ideal way to save the world from ozone-clogging pollution.

To others, the concept is pie in the sky; a crackpot tree-hugger's false hope for utopia. But to one ASU professor, making alternative fuel work is a reality.

Professor aides in tsunami research

Harindra Joseph Fernando returned to Tempe on Monday after researching the devastating effects of the tsunami in Sri Lanka last week.

On Jan. 7, Fernando, a native of Sri Lanka and professor in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and expert on fluid dynamics, joined a team of wave experts gathering first-hand accounts from survivors and studying disappearing data, such as watermarks, in southwestern Sri Lanka.

In-N-Out planning Tempe store

ASU and Tempe could soon get a taste of animal-style fast food.

In-N-Out, a popular fast food chain with a menu that includes burger options such as "animal style" and "flying Dutchman," is coming to the southeast corner of Loop 202 and Rural Road in Tempe in about a year.

Tempe bars replace stolen bicycle for ASU student

A disabled ASU student received a custom-built bicycle Wednesday from friends at restaurants on Mill Avenue, who chipped in to replace the one that was stolen in November.

Men's squad again looking to prove worth as contender

aldei gregoire
Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS

ASU Sophomore swingman Bryson Krueger looks for an opening around USC senior forward Jeff McMillan as ASU lose 98-94 at Wells Fargo Arena.
Road sweet road isn't a normal cliche used in the sports world. Then again, the ASU men's basketball team isn't that normal.

Heading into last week, ASU (13-4, 2-3 Pac-10) was tied atop the Pac-10 as it prepared to face the Los Angeles schools at Wells Fargo Arena -- a place where it hadn't faltered all season.

Chance for redemption

Only three Pac-10 women's basketball teams have losing records. After Sunday's 66-45 loss to USC, some think ASU is fortunate to be hosting one of those teams.

The Sun Devils know records don't mean much in the balanced Pac-10.

Corporate coffee alternatives

Danielle Peterson
By Danielle Peterson / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
The Xtreme Bean Coffee Shop features a drive-thru as well as a spacious lounge area for studying and socializing.
Standing in line at the fifth Starbucks on the 3-mile drive to school or work. Like any coffee shop, there are plush chairs, laptops and hurried businessmen. Even though up-tempo pseudo-jazz music is being piped through the speakers, there is something missing from this posh, elite Mecca of the Macchiato.

Though Starbucks, Coffee Plantation, the Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans and the like are all beloved institutions, the true coffee connoisseur would be doing himself or herself a real disservice by missing alternative Tempe gourmet roasters off the beaten path.

Medicine Closet: Unmasked

Waking up with an excruciating headache after a night of wild partying is a staple of the college experience.

So is trying countless hangover remedies that often turn out to be more revolting than helpful.

Some swear by caffeine, others choose Aspirin. Even milk has been said to help.
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