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Downtown campus funding could rest with citizens

In about a year, City of Phoenix voters could have a chance to determine part of the plan for a proposed ASU campus in downtown Phoenix.

A bond election likely to occur in 2006 will ask citizens to provide some of the funding for an ASU campus in downtown Phoenix, according to ASU and Phoenix officials.

Nursing grads face burnout as business shifts

Twenty-five years ago, Donald Daien graduated summa cum laude from ASU's nursing college. With diploma in hand, the idealistic student ventured into the world to comfort sick people.

Now, he is 57 years old and unemployed. He left the profession he loved because he felt that a focus on profits in the health care industry resulted in poor working conditions for nurses and diminished care for sick people. His disillusionment is shared by nurses across the country.
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    Bruins take Sun Devils down a notch

    Maybe the ASU men's basketball team's hot start is nothing but a mirage.

    That's still up for debate, but ASU didn't make much of a convincing argument Thursday in an 86-82 loss to UCLA before 9,850 at Wells Fargo Arena. The head-scratching setback drops ASU from contention for the top spot in the Pac-10 to the middle of the bunch.

    Sun Devils back in shape after defeating Cardinal

    STANFORD, Calif. - It's official: The ASU men's basketball team is legit.

    Not fazed by an 18-point setback against then-No. 14 UA in last week's Pac-10 opener, ASU continued its march toward respect Thursday with a convincing 81-69 victory over Stanford before 5,988 at Maples Pavilion. The win snapped a 13-game losing streak against Stanford and marked ASU's first win at renovated Maples since the 1997-98 season.
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    Path of Progression

    Andrew Benson
    Passionate independent business owners committed to maintaining the vitality of Tempe have opened their doors and cleared their walls for the Tempe Final Friday Artwalk. Final Friday is a trip to the independent side of Tempe -- an escape from the corporate megaplex of Mill Avenue.

    Fresh sounds

    Butch Walker Self-deprecating rocker Location: Georgia Butch Walker loved heavy metal in his youth. He played in bands, but as he grew older so did his tastes. He then founded punk-influenced pop band Marvelous 3. That band had one huge single, "Freak of the Week," and then broke up.
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