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Debate puts ASU at center stage

Aldei Gregoire
Aldei Gregoire/THE STATE PRESS

Wednesday’s debate will be held at Gammage Auditorium .
After nearly two years of planning, ASU is one day away from bringing the third and final presidential debate home to Gammage Auditorium. The audience inside Gammage will number only a few hundred, but millions more will watch on televisions around the world as John Kerry and George Bush debate domestic issues.

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Tempe businesses report slow debate day

Despite hopes for a booming business day due to the debate, Mill Avenue and University Drive restaurant and retail owners said they did not see the revenue they hoped for.

"It was a pretty good week up until yesterday," said Downtown Tempe executive director Rod Keeling. "I would say lunch was off as much as 75 percent."

Renaissance man wins Cronkite award

Playing a harmonica and reading his original poem "Ode to a Beautiful Woman" was just one of the many colorful ways CBS Anchor Charles Osgood accepted the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism and Mass Communication on Thursday.

"I take great pride in my profession, and I love what I do," Osgood said. "I am deeply honored by this award."

USC coach not concerned about BCS standings

For USC head coach Pete Carroll, the looming release of the Bowl Championship Series standings means about as much as the varying defenses that opponents throw at playmakers Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.

Carroll said this week that he's not concerned about the BCS standings, which debut Monday, shortly after No. 1 USC hosts No. 15 ASU.

Despite low ranking, basketball ready to win

While junior Ike Diogu, a Playboy pre-season All-American, didn't receive an invitation to Hugh Hefner's mansion, he has received plenty of respect, as the Sun Devils prepare to start their season.

Diogu and the rest of the Sun Devils talked about their expectations heading into this season during their annual media day at Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday.

Democracy Debacle

This picture, “Angry Americans,” by Ryan McNamara is at the center of the controversy surround the ASU Art Museum’s “Democracy in America” exhibit. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Mcnamara)
The controversy surrounding the ASU Art Museum's current exhibit, "Democracy in America: Political Satire, Then and Now," comes down to the screaming faces of eight children.

It's their faces that make up the inflammatory piece "Angry Americans," by ASU alumnus Ryan McNamara. It's their faces that were cut out of the show by the head curator of the exhibition and director of the museum, Marilyn Zeitlin. It's their faces that have brought a cry of censorship from groups that say Zeitlin purposely tossed out McNamara's piece to "balance" the tone of the show.
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