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Immigration is not a topic you've probably heard much about during this year's presidential election campaign -- at least not from the candidates.
It's not that the candidates lack official positions or that they agree on immigration issues. It's just that, other than Independent candidate Ralph Nader, they'd rather not talk about it.

Voter registration deadline looms

Monday at midnight marks the last chance to register to vote for the next president.

On Monday, voter registration will expire and non-registered citizens won't get to choose their political leaders or decide on initiatives that may affect them.

But many different options make it easy to register.

Football copes with a thin backfield

Adam Flath
Adam Flath/The State Press

Junior linebacker Dale Robinson celebrates after ASU scored its first touchdown of the season against UTEP on Sept. 2 at Sun Devil Stadium. Robinson received Defensive Player of the week after a 30-21 win over Northwestern on Saturday.
The ASU football team is undefeated, but all the chatter surrounding the team is not about its match-up at Oregon on Saturday, but rather the suspension of tailback Loren Wade for a possible NCAA team rules violation.

Still, the Sun Devils insist the suspension has not become a distraction, and the tailbacks who will play in Wade's stead insist they are up to the challenge.

ASU stays quiet about Wade

The ASU athletic department remained mum Wednesday about an internal investigation regarding a student-athlete.

Sources told The State Press that sophomore tailback Loren Wade's relationship with a former athletic department employee has taken center stage in the investigation, which has ASU officials looking into possible NCAA infractions.

Slumming It

Andrew Benson
Ken Volk of Arizona Tenants Advocates has been fighting for tenantsí rights since 1993 and is now a known figure in the community. (PHOTO BY ANDREW BENSON/STATE PRESS MAGAZINE)
Kris Olman's last house was no dream house. The roof leaked. On the rare occasion the air conditioner worked, it short-circuited all other electric appliances. The lawn was overgrown. The shower didn't drain. The dishwasher didn't wash.

Basically it was a mess. Definitely not the type of place anyone would willingly want to rent -- unless of course these problems were cleverly hidden until after the lease was signed.

Beer is Better

It's not uncommon to try to cure a hangover by dragging yourself to the bar for a second round. And if you're a real booze-hound, it's common practice to drink even while you're sick. This misguided self-help remedy usually ends up a disaster. But with the right drinks and an attitude of moderation, you can come out on top.

"Bloody Marys are probably the best [healthy cocktail]," says Erin Hegarty, a bartender at Rula Bula, located at 401 S. Mill Ave.

Registration Rumble

The phrase 'if you don't vote, you can't complain' has often been thrown around to express the importance of voting. But in reality, we live in a country where protesting and exercising our right to criticize the government is encouraged and even protected. If people don't exercise their right to vote, they can still complain all they want.

Nov. 2, the day our next president will be elected, is creeping toward us. With each passing day, the effort to encourage people to vote, or even register for that matter, is stepped up a bit more.

Wear it: Students across campus are

Yellow fever is sweeping campus. Before you jump on the phone with the Student Health Center or try to evacuate your dorm, calm down. It's not the disease taking over lecture halls -- it's a tiny strip of yellow rubber that might just change the world. The yellow "Live Strong" bracelets wrapped around students' wrists across campus is the new way to beat cancer.
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