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ASU water skier takes the world by storm

Aldei Gregorie
ASU communication senior Jimmy Siemers practices a jump at the Crystal Point Estates in Gilbert. In August 2003, Siemers jumped 236 feet off a 6-foot ramp breaking the world record of 235 feet. (Aldei Gregorie/THE STATE PRESS)
World record-holder. World champion. World's greatest water skier.

Those are just a few of the titles often used to describe ASU communication senior Jimmy Siemers.

In August 2003, Siemers jumped 236 feet off a 6-foot ramp at the preliminary round of the U.S. Open, breaking his previous best of 233 feet, which he recorded as a freshman at a tourney in Baton Rouge, La. At the same time, he broke the world record of 235 feet.

Police crack down on pedestrian laws

Tempe police warned pedestrians and cyclists not to break the law around campus Monday as part of a three-day campaign to reduce accidents and promote awareness of local traffic laws.

Tempe police Sgt. Dan Masters said officers would be patrolling high-traffic crosswalks and intersections along Apache Boulevard and University Drive on Wednesday.

Robinson named Pac-10's defender of the week

Adam Flath
Adam Flath/The State Press

Junior linebacker Dale Robinson celebrates after ASU scored its first touchdown of the season against UTEP on Sept. 2 at Sun Devil Stadium. Robinson received Defensive Player of the week after a 30-21 win over Northwestern on Saturday.
It didn't take long for Dale Robinson to make his mark on the ASU football team.

After leading the Sun Devils in tackles during their first two games of the season -- including a 13-tackle performance against Northwestern on Saturday -- the 240-pound Robinson was named Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Week on Monday.

My space is your space

Amanda Lee Myers
Many Internet surfers have taken to joining to find cyber friends. But how genuine can these relationships possibly be? (PHOTO BY AMANDA LEE MYERS/STATE PRESS MAGAZINE)
Ray Ortiz is an Internet whore. As a member of the online community "MySpace," Oritz, has 1,160 "friends," and has posted pictures of himself on the Internet in the hopes of catching the attention of top-notch ladies. Ortiz is just one of many "MySpace whores" -- people who use the Web site, www.

CD Review: The Shore makes waves

What happens if you mix one part British rock with two parts modern alternative and a dash of the 60's into a blender?

You get a concoction entitled, "The Shore." The self-entitled, debut album was released by Maverick Records last month and came with little fanfare or hype. The band still hasn't received much of either a full month later, but still manages to deliver in all the right ways.

Election 2004: Tuition trauma

Students are aware of how difficult it can be to pay for college. Expenses stack up one after the other: tuition, books, rent, food, car payments, gas, booze...the list goes on and on. And regardless of grants, scholarships and financial aid available, there's still never enough money to go around.
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