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War, 9/11 victims get Healing Field

Sean Gulley
Joel Davidson, former president of the Phoenix chapter of the National Exchange Club, places another American flag onto the pile Thursday afternoon at Tempe Beach Park. The National Exchange Club will assemble and display 4,100 American flags on the lawn of the beach to signify the victims of both Sept. 11, 2001, and the war on terrorism.
Volunteers began planting 4,100 American flags early this morning at Tempe Beach Park to honor victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and fallen soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

About 200 volunteers helped a national service organization construct a "Healing Field," full of 3-by-5-foot flags, beginning at 4:30 a.m.

Tempe gives 20k to debate committee

ASU will receive $20,000 for the Oct. 13 presidential debate after the Tempe City Council passed a unanimous motion Thursday to give the money to the University.

The approval of ASU's request came just after council officials decided not to provide a float and brunch at next year's Fiesta Bowl Parade, totaling $59,000.

Devils set for early, emotional game

Matt Hinshaw
ASU quarterback Andrew Walter throws while Texas-El Paso linebacker Thomas Howard moves in for the tackle at the Sept. 2 game against UTEP at Sun Devil Stadium.
Facing a Big Ten team on the road always makes for an interesting game. But when the ASU football team faces North-western in Evanston, Ill. on Saturday, it will be playing among an even more unique set of circumstances.

This week provided yet another unusual week of scheduling for the Sun Devils, who have always referred to themselves as creatures of habit. Their tilt with the Wildcats also takes place on Sept. 11, the first time the team has played on the date since the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Shorthanded Northwestern 'D' must step up

How many points does Northwestern have to score Saturday to beat ASU?

The 45 points the Wildcats posted last week in a demoralizing defeat at Texas Christian were the most they had ever scored in a loss. To put things in perspective, Northwestern fielded its first football team in 1882.

My space is your space

Amanda Lee Myers
Many Internet surfers have taken to joining to find cyber friends. But how genuine can these relationships possibly be? (PHOTO BY AMANDA LEE MYERS/STATE PRESS MAGAZINE)
Ray Ortiz is an Internet whore. As a member of the online community "MySpace," Oritz, has 1,160 "friends," and has posted pictures of himself on the Internet in the hopes of catching the attention of top-notch ladies. Ortiz is just one of many "MySpace whores" -- people who use the Web site, www.

Election 2004: Tuition trauma

Students are aware of how difficult it can be to pay for college. Expenses stack up one after the other: tuition, books, rent, food, car payments, gas, booze...the list goes on and on. And regardless of grants, scholarships and financial aid available, there's still never enough money to go around.
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