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Murphy brings fire to diamond, life

He isn't the type of guy who smiles when he doesn't feel like it.

And he isn't the kind of guy who holds back if things aren't going his way. He'll tell you to your face that you're an idiot or a slacker. If a reporter asks him a stupid question he might tell him to "go smoke some dope."

That's just the way Pat Murphy is, and if you can't take it, he really doesn't care.

Goad slashes funds for Republicans

Minutes before his presidency expired, Undergraduate Student Government President Brandon Goad cut funding to one of ASU's most recognized political clubs.

In an e-mail sent to student senators, Goad wrote that he had vetoed funding to the United Republicans because they had "endorsed Zach (Gingg) and Ryan (Owens)" in April's USG presidential election, and that he didn't "like Republicans."

ASU, Scottsdale plan on purchasing Los Arcos

ASU, the city of Scottsdale and the ASU Foundation will take over a hotly disputed piece of south Scottsdale land known as the Los Arcos mall site two miles north of main campus.

ASU and Scottsdale officials announced the plan to purchase the property Thursday. Any development plans must wait until the Scottsdale City Council approves the $41.5 million cost when it meets June 28, according to a statement released by ASU officials.

Exhibit gives ASU students a look at the future

Senior citizens shouldn't be feared, shunned or hated for being slow drivers. Live long enough, and everyone gets there. And the embarrassment of having to rely on orthopedic shoes and fiber pills to keep everything working like it used to will eventually be a reality for all -- even ASU students.

"When I Grow Up," the main summer exhibit in the ASU Art Museum, is about both the realities of getting old and breaking people's stereotypes of the elderly.

West campus names new provost

ASU administration recently named Mark Searle as vice president and provost for ASU West.

Searle will replace former provost Elaine Maimon, who was recently named chancellor of the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Searle previously worked as the vice provost for academic affairs at ASU West and will officially take office upon approval by the Arizona Board of Regents.
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