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Always under surveillance
Like a street boxer out to pick a fight, Chuck Banaszewski squares off against a television monitor inside the Lattie F. Coor Hall Computing Commons.

It's a Friday morning in April, and his surveillance camera theater is attracting attention.

People whisper and peek over their computers as Banaszewski -- broad shouldered with spiked, black hair, square-rimmed glasses and dark eyes -- clutches an empty picture frame.

Anti-violence center to open next fall
After two years, an ASU club's goal of a campus violence prevention center will be met next fall.

The University will centralize various existing anti-violence and support programs to form the Home Safe: Violence Prevention and Advocacy Center.

University holiday hours meet opposition from employees
Like Santa Claus and his elves, some ASU employees will be working to provide student services this winter. ASU human resources officials sent an e-mail to all ASU employees Friday, announcing that "some University offices and operations must remain open during the holidays and winter session.

Students sign anti-draft petition at rally
The Advocates of Liberty at ASU held an anti-war and anti-draft rally dubbed "Bring Them Home Now" on Hayden Lawn on Tuesday. Coordinators estimated between 30 and 50 students attended the rally at any given time and listened to the four featured speakers.

Police Beat: Nasty chicken wings too much for transient
A 52-year-old transient man was arrested on a charge of criminal littering near Mill Avenue and Third Street. Police observed him intentionally throwing paper napkins and cooked chicken wings from a shopping cart he was pulling.

ASU East: Students strut professional fashion
Women in Technology at ASU East wanted to show students fashion do's and don'ts for the professional world. "Dress for Success" was the theme for the second annual interview and job fashion show put on by the student group. Dress Barn of Chandler provided the clothing and fashion expertise.

New student government aims to strengthen campus ties
ASU East's first Student Government Association is still in its infancy, but new officers say they're paving the way for the next year. While officers are facing finals and academic schedules they have still managed to discuss and investigate some major campus issues like creating a budget, increasing transportation between ASU East and main campus, increasing visibility and student involvement and strengthening ties with the main campus government.

Hispanic arts festival traces its roots to ASU
The second annual Arizona International Latina/o Arts Festival, which started Monday, began as an art book created by ASU professors and writers in 2002. From April 28 to May 2, ASU's Hispanic Research Center will host the festival, which takes place both on and off campus and will feature works from artists around the globe, including 11 ASU graduates.

Re-write the 'Laws'
If ever you've taken the time out to see any genre of movie in your life, then I can guarantee that you have seen Laws of Attraction before. Not only have you seen this type of cheesy romantic comedy before, but you have seen a better one. Laws of Attraction is a movie that neither Pierce Brosnan nor Julianne Moore will boast about on their resume in the near future, nor will it ever pop up on a lifetime tribute show should either actor get to such a time in their career (and that's very likely still).

Denzel fiery in 'Man on Fire'
You can say whatever you'd like about Denzel Washington's newest action movie, Man On Fire, but we must give credit where it's due: this is, without a doubt, the strangest cinematic experience to hit the multiplexes in a long while. Director Tony Scott (Ridley's brother), who's brought us movies like Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State, hits the absolute high point of nuttiness with this 150-minute epic that manages to be a searing character study, vicious revenge film and sweet but not saccharine odd-couple drama all in one.

Making the man
One ASU student is trying to make a name for himself as an R&B singer even though he lives in area better known for its heat waves than its hot new talent. But broadcast journalism junior David Hernandez says he hopes he will beat the odds and mark his name in the success column.

Nature for novices
Arizona has more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at-from the Grand Canyon to Sedona, the outdoor opportunities available here are endless. But as college students, it's hard to find the time or energy to explore it all, especially if you're only a casual nature-lover with little expertise of the area.

Missed the boat?
Tigger and a giant alligator, a pirate's ship and a giant pencil wait patiently on the lawn at Tempe Town Lake. Crowds of people stare, take pictures and laugh as they walk by. Hundreds have come out to see the boats. But this isn't your typical boat race.

Stage presents: Solo standoff
On Aug. 25, 2003, Mario Albert Madrigal, Jr. was shot multiple times at his Mesa home after police said he came toward them in a threatening manner while bearing a knife. After a four-minute standoff, the 15-year-old boy lay dying from 10 gunshot wounds. Current events often influence the arts, and ASU theatre professor Jeff McMahon has allowed the non-fiction story to influence his latest work.

Reel life: The reel deal
John Spiak doesn't want to be the Robert Redford of Arizona film festivals; he wants to be the John Spiak of Arizona film festivals. He is a supporter of new artists who cares more about the quality of the works than about the quantity of the star power and buzz.

Atta Bui: Get your activism together
Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The '60s allegedly had it all, but it seems as if that decade isn't too different from the times we are living in now. Sex? Hello, Christina, Britney and Janet. Drugs? Walk down the hall of Manzy, take a wiff and you know that hasn't disappeared.

Dodging the real world
Well seniors, graduation is just two weeks away. So what exactly do we have to look forward to in life after ASU? To be perfectly blunt, a kick in the (butt). For many, post-college life means a (gulp) job and a foray into the real world. No more sleeping until noon and heading out to that first class at 12:40 p.

Is my butt distracting you?
These are four special years in our lives where we are able to take advantage of a lack of structure and rules before becoming upstanding citizens in pantsuits and turtlenecks. Louisiana lawmaker Rep. Derrick Shepherd, D-Marrero, has filed a bill in an attempt to ban low-rise pants after he got tired of catching glimpses of underwear.

Editorial: Big Brother might be watching ASU
We at The State Press told ourselves we'd avoid references to George Orwell's "1984" when talking about surveillance cameras seemingly being installed in every nook and cranny of the ASU campus. But it's just too easy. True, it's an oversimplification of the issues at stake.

'50 Worst songs ever' could be way worse
Recently Blender magazine released their list of the "50 Worst Songs Ever," and with it replaced Bill's "Apprentice" victory as the No. 1 water cooler conversation in the nation. Blender is, of course, the music branch of Dennis Publications, which is responsible for such bastions of adroit commentary as Maxim.

Jalapeno popper milk-off: Wynne wins milk battle
In an epic clash of the Talk Back titans, Bryan Wynne stood victorious. What was supposed to be a jalapeno popper-eating contest at the Memorial Union fountain turned old-school as four Talk Back combatants ditched the appetizers in favor of gallons of milk.

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A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

New Comic: Q.E.D.
A comic strip by Brian Lewis

Haiku Circus
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Concert review: G-Love stirs the special sauce
When artists dare to bridge or expand on a genre, it carries a negative connotation. Thus, the music world is a paradox. The public is sick of homogenous bands with quasi-witty names and forgettable KROQ hits. Yet they consume it, pay for it and every permutation of the same song twice baked for flavor reminiscent of the original.

Sailing ahead
Jack Oppenuizen looked over the group of children sitting in front of him.

They were from different backgrounds, had different physical capabilities and different grade point averages. He raised his voice as the wind began to howl even more wildly than before.

"It's about managing the winds of change," he said. "Both in sailing and in life."

In a heart beat
With the month of April and National Organ Donor Awareness month coming to a close, a donor awareness event on Wednesday, April 28 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Hayden lawn will spread the word of the importance of being a donor. The event will have a live band, speakers, food and prizes.

Nintendo pimps out classic NES games on GBA
Tired of having to download NESticle and other emulators to satisfy your 8-bit cravings? I know I am. Grown weary of blowing on those dinosaurian NES carts of yours just to squeeze out one more game? Damn right! Fear not, my geeky brethren, because Nintendo of America wants to ease your gaming grief with the release of eight classic NES carts for the Game Boy Advance on June 7.

Fashion sense: The blushing bride
Carmen Electra wore Badgley & Mischka, Sarah Michelle Gellar strutted in Vera Wang, and Jennifer Aniston bought a dress from American designer, Lawrence Steele. For those wondering what to wear on that special day, here are some fashion forward suggestions.

Postcards from London: A walk down Abbey Road
Since my family came for a visit last week, I got a chance to join the herds of tourists in exploring some of London's main attractions. We started the trip off with a visit to the Natural History Museum, which contains a plethora of objects from the natural world.

Baseball: A Devil of a comeback at Wichita
WICHITA, Kan. -- A little resolve can go a long way. Just ask the ASU baseball team. Trailing No. 10 Wichita State 7-1 after two innings Tuesday, the Sun Devils didn't panic. They just dug deeper, and ASU head coach Pat Murphy had no qualms about turning his pitching staff into a carousel.

Golf in lead entering final day of Pac-10s
ASU standout senior golfer Chez Reavie has one goal left that he hasn't accomplished -- win a tournament. After Tuesday's third round, Reavie is only 18 holes away from accomplishing that goal. Reavie is tied for first place heading into the final round of the Pac-10 Championships at the 7,014-yard, par 72 gallery at Dove Mountain Golf Course in Tucson.

'That team' in costumes gets no love
A soldier and a mullet-wielding redneck want the recognition they say they deserve for winning the Student Recreation Complex Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Members of "That Team," as they call themselves, said they are disappointed that their team photo was not posted in the SRC among the other intramural champions in sports such as basketball, softball and racquetball.

Hump Day Hoopla: Stop thunder sticks
True fans have no use for balloon-like noise-makers There are many things people do in this world that confuse me. I would say putting ketchup on eggs is near the top of the list. How about those freaks who put sweaters on their dogs? They should be institutionalized.

Devil Dish: BCS is B.S.
Meetings in Phoenix are being held between Bowl Champion-ship Series officials. Rumors on ESPN say that ABC is planning on making a pitch for a playoff game after the bowl season in which the two consensus title contenders will face off. All of the bowls would go back to their old tie-ins, with the two consensus No.

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